Tamper Proof RFID Security Tags That Destruct When Removed

The DuraDestruct RFID security tags combine the durability of our standard RFID tag with destructible features that render the label useless if it is removed or tampered with. Its specialized construction eliminates the transferability of the RFID tag and incorporates two levels of destructibility.

Available in two surface application types (glass & plastic), if an attempt to remove the RFID tag occurs, the antenna construction will break into separate pieces making the read range of the tag mere inches. If a person tries to reassemble the tag to make it functional, the portion that still adhered to the original surface will literally disintegrate into pieces if an attempt is made to remove it from the object.

Two Levels of Destructibility
Dura Destruct Authentication on painting
DuraDestruct RFID Tag Pallet

DuraDestruct Destructible When Needed