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RFID Vehicle Tracking Applications

April 8, 2021
RFID Vehicle Tracking

When selecting or designing an RFID label for your vehicle tracking application ask yourself these questions. Will a passive tag work? Contrary to popular belief depending on required read range, RFID windshield tags will work for many vehicle tracking applications including access control for secured parking, gated communities, car washes, etc.

Do you want to mount the tag inside or outside the vehicle? Exposing the tag to outdoor elements including UV rays will affect the longevity of the tag and will also require a more durable tag construction.

How will the inlay perform on the glass windshield? Some inlays require an isolator to properly read because of potential RF interference from the metal alloy in the glass. Other inlays are engineered to work in close proximity to the glass and do not need an isolator to act as a stand-off. In fact they perform better without it.

Would you like additional security features integrated into the RFID label? The above illustration shows an RFID label that can be used for vehicle tracking that has security slits in the label design to render the tag unusable if someone attempts to remove it. Would you like printing on the RFID label? What about printing on both sides? Four-color printing enhances the overall look of the tag while printing on both sides allows you to print your company logo and advertising message on the backside.

Do you want to include a bar code on the RFID label? Printing a bar code on the tag that matches the information encoded in the RFID inlay allows you to access or track information using either technology or you can track additional information by using the bar code to match up to database information.

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