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Our team of experts are responsive, easy to work with and communicates often with you so that you always know where your project stands. We have a sense of urgency in our service, are customer-led and quality-driven.  

This impacts you in many ways: Since we truly listen to your needs, your projects are more successful, and as we build our partnership over the years, your solutions truly go beyond better. We’ve developed products, services and approaches that you’ve asked for, benefitting you via: 

  • lead times and pricing 

  • customer first programs like our DASH program 

  • reliable production schedules 

  • 5 point promise 

  • And many more 

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Custom Inlay Solutions
Inlay Innovation offers world-class inlay manufacturing and testing capabilities, as well as the technical expertise that rivals those of any larger organization in the RFID industry.

ID made better®

We listen to your needs and design a customised solution, partnering with you for the best outcome. our ID experts have years of experience, and that expertise has make sure your project is a success and you are a customer for life. Learn more

Services That Set Us Apart - And Set You Up For Success!

Our deep, technical expertise makes sure you get a customised approach to your application. As employee-owners, our years of experience coupled with our responsive and personalized service means you get technical innovation, superior project management and success out of every interaction.

Yes, this sets up apart from our competition, but here are a few more areas that set you up for success.

  • Customisation abilities - solutions for any ID challenge - even our own, custom inlay program for RFID.
  • Metalcraft guarantee - guaranteed barcode readability on any intensified photo and anodized product for life.
  • Ownership mentality - as employee owners, we take pride in our success
  • Custom converting capabilities - labels for any-ANY-application.
  • Customer loyalty stats - we have customers for life which our NPS score of 70 showcases.
  • Qualification process - our process ensures the right product for your challenge
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Over 70 Years of Working with Our Favorite People: You!

Our customers wish us a happy anniversary and we couldn't be prouder to share this with you! For over 70 years we've been partnering with customers from our facilities in Iowa to deliver awesome. Thank you for sticking with us!