We make it our goal to recommend the right product for your application. However, even with our extensive product offerings there are times when a “standard” product just won’t deliver exactly what you need. That’s when we turn to our product design consulting services. 

Our asset-tracking design engineer experts qualify the application to determine product expectations and project objectives. From there we provide samples to test and prototypes to help establish proof of concept of your custom design. Once we achieve that milestone together, we move to a pilot order to ensure a smooth production and rollout process before moving to full production runs. 

Having the in-house expertise helps us ensure we not only offer the right product for our customers’ application, it also allows us to make product and/or process refinements prior to the product rollout ensuring a more efficient production process. 

Product Design Consulting Services Include: 

  • Test samples 

  • Prototypes for proof of concept 

  • Pilot orders 

  • Full production runs 

Experts at the ready for your unique application is the hallmark of our key tenet of being your customizable partner for all your ID needs…Now that’s ID Made Better®.