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Stop Theft In Its Tracks With Tamper Evident Tags

November 13, 2019
Tamper Evident Labels

The three tamper-evident labels offered by Metalcraft - the Tamper Evident Tag, the Security Tag, and the RFID Destructible Windshield Tag - are game-changers when you want to both track your assets and deter tampering and theft.

Since these labels are dual-purpose they are cost-effective on two levels: the tags reduce customer complaints when items can't be delivered as promised because of theft or tampering, and oftentimes damaged packaging can be pinned to point of damage, determining damage claims or eliminating the risk of damage on subsequent orders.

Tamper Evident Tag Leaves "VOID" Behind

Particularly made for tracking, the Tamper-Evident Label leaves a footprint that is unmistakable.

A residual, removal “VOID” stamp is left on the asset upon label removal and the incised “VOID” script on the label’s adhesive side leaves additional evidence of tampering if the label is present.

Such a label can be effective in deterring employee theft.  According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an “estimated 75% of employees steal at least once from their employees. Half that number steal repeatedly”.

Laptop computers are an easy target and account for a portion of portable goods stolen from employers in what is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.  For instance, even computers, commonly labeled for inventory purposes, have been taken from employers. However, when questioned about the “personal” computer occasionally brought to work by a novice thief, no definitive identification can be made that the “personal” computer actually belongs to the employer.  The label has been removed by diligent picking at the label, by using a hairdryer to soften the adhesive or by using fingernail polish remover to weaken the adhesive bond.

The Tamper-Evident Label, however, is able to withstand intermittent heat exposure to 200°F and still, after the label is allowed to cool to room temperature, leaving a “VOID” imprint upon removal an item-so, nix the hairdryer!

Fingernail polish (often acetone) will slightly weaken the bond after a two-hour soak, but the label will hold to make a soak, which likely will damaging the item’s surface and mechanics, impractical.

And picking? Complete removal of “VOID” won’t happen even if fingernails are worn to the quick.  Even if the Tamper-Evident Label could be removed to be attached to another asset, the non-transferable properties of the adhesive make re-adhesion impossible. A knock-off purse, for example, cannot be passed off as a Gucci bag, if the latter bears a Metalcraft Tamper-Evident Label.

Tamper-Evident Labels are good investments - if for no other reason than they curb the crime from happening in the first place. Label removal is a chore, at best.

Tamper-Evident Labels are pressure-sensitive, permanent available with or without a barcode. They will conform to uneven surfaces and curved surfaces and are not laminated because all printing is done on the underside of the encapsulating polyester material.

They are incredibly easy to scan because of the clear digital printing.

Security Labels Crumble If Tampered With

Another label in the Metalcraft inventory is the Security Bar Code Label that differs from the Tamper-Evident Label because the polyethylene material of which it is made will crumble upon tampering.

This label is made to guard assets as a deterrent and warning. How often do viewers see crime evidence discredited on a television show when a label has been broken?

In reality, a security label would be the breach indicator.

Breach indicators are extremely important as indicators in medical environments where confidence in sterility, content, and the mechanical setting is paramount.

Breach indicators such as the Security Bar Code Label also notify of pilfering. An unbroken label will better ensure that all of the presents at a birthday party will have all their parts: no part has been taken to fill someone else’s need.

Perhaps, more serious consequences occur in a business setting?

The Security Label can withstand temperatures from -40F to 176F to verify security in most environments.

Like its cousin, the Tamper-Evident Label, the Security Label is available with or without a barcode, digital printing and brilliant color graphics for brand identification.

Windshield Label Has Added RFID Feature

The third Metalcraft offering for security is the RFID Destructible Windshield Label bearing all the advantages of RFID technology.

The brain of the RFID Destructible Windshield Label comes from a trusted Alien G inlay with a 20-foot plus read range.

Carefully engineered for chip and antenna performance and protection, Metalcraft convertors appropriately program the inlay to order.

Before delivery to customers, each tag is again tested multiple times to ensure the labels’ perfect performance in RFID technology, physical design, graphics, and printing.

However, in the case of RFID Destructible Windshield Label, the UHF passive inlay, itself, is designed to offer deterrent and security.

When the label is tampered with or removed from an item, the inlay is devised to destruct, thus making the label ineffective.

In addition, varying from the latter two tamper-resistant labels, the RFID Destructible Windshield Label uses surface digital printing and graphics because the print/image surface is on the adhesive surface that is pressed against a transparent surface, such as a windshield.

The surface printing and imaging are UV stable and easily readable for nine years. Double-side printing also is available. These labels are particularly useful in reward program situations to limit the unauthorized sharing of benefits. Pre-paid car wash labels are an example, but Metalcraft converters are open to customization of these labels for many other purposes.

The Metalcraft three tamper-evident labels - the Tamper-Evident Label, the Security Bar Code Label, and the RFID Windshield Label - garner appreciation for their arresting colors and spot-on logo re-creation. Their eye appeal instills brand identification. Their clear digital print makes for human-readable identification codes and picking ease.

But their expert technological design in the use of adhesives, substrates, and inlays make them game-changers where safety and security are essential.  Likewise, they are game-changers for the financial bottom line.

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