Often people make the mistake of thinking any “label” or “sticker” will do the job, but if your project requires custom printing, barcodes, materials, or adhesives Metalcraft has what you need. We have been providing ID solutions for over 70 years and have the experience and technical know-how to produce tags and labels for any application.

Metalcraft Tags & LabelsThickness and Durability

Outdoor, high abrasion, or applications with lots of chemical exposure tend to need a more durable tag.  At Metalcraft we provide a large range of materials and durability options for both metal and polymer-based labels.  Thicker metals and foils work great for long-lasting applications that can survive for long periods of time.  Polymer or plastic labels come in a variety of thicknesses for extra ruggedness and can be paired with available laminates to ensure they stand up to the environment they are placed in.

Custom Printing & Colors

What good is a tag or label if you can’t effectively read what is printed on it?  We provide the widest range of print and color options in the industry.  We can accommodate any type of layout, logo, or color match to your branding.  Sub-surface printing and photo imaging ensure the text and barcodes are protected from surface wear.

School District Asset TagsSizes / Shapes / Kits / Multi-Part

Need a very specific size or shape?  We have thousands of dies covering almost every size and shape label possible, and just in case we don’t have one that fits your needs, we can either custom order a die or program our laser converter to meet your specification.  Besides singulated labels, we can provide complex label constructions such as label kits and multi-part label designs.

Adhesives & Attachment Methods

Different surfaces, conditions, and even temperatures can affect the type and thickness of adhesive needed to ensure your labels stay attached. We match the right adhesive to your application so you know once your tags are applied, they will stay in place as planned.  Need mechanical fastening or hang tags, no problem!  We can provide a single hole, dual hole, or multi-hole tags that can be attached with rivets, cables, or fasteners.

Kimball Photo InternationalBuilt-In Features

Many projects require labels to have special features to meet the demands of the application.  At Metalcraft we offer many customizable constructions that utilize destructible, tamper-evident, or paint resistant materials.  No matter what the application calls for we either have a tag that can fit the bill or can design something that will.

Unique Numbering and Barcode Customizations

Do you require a different type of barcode?  Perhaps a DataMatrix, QR code, or non-sequential number list is needed?  At Metalcraft we can handle any type of complex numbering or serialization pattern. We can print the full array of barcode types and symbologies on any tag along with static or variable number sequences. If you have a complex numbering pattern, let us take on challenges and show why Metalcraft is ID Made Better.

Customization Capabilities

One-of-a-kind products for one-of-a-kind customers