Taking UID beyond compliance

November 20, 2019
UID tag compliance

Many people familiar with the UID mandate from the Department of Defense understand compliance with this mandate is very important. However, what people may not realize is that so much more can be accomplished with this information other than just becoming UID compliant. Unique Item Identification is the foundation for larger policy goals aimed at improving logistical readiness across DoD such as Serialized Item Management (SIM) and Joint Total Asset Visibility (JTAV).

Until recently I didn’t understand these concepts, but then I had a “light bulb” moment. The overriding objective for any asset tracking program is to be able to gather information about them and then make decisions based upon that information which either improves processes, saves money or both. Why should that be any different when dealing with UID? Actually, given the nature of what is being tracked, shouldn’t it be even more essential to UID?

Total Asset Visibility (TAV) is a term we are hearing more and more, but what we are not hearing enough about is how that concept can be achieved through UID data. DoD's unique identifiers become a key component in facilitating overall increased asset visibility across the military supply chain by identifying precisely where an item is at and how it is being used. Logisticians can then use this source of information to adjust and manage inventories strategically minimizing the possibility of running out of a critical component.

UID is truly a key enabler of many other efforts that can yield customers a very real return on investment. It really goes beyond compliance to an integral part of military strategy. What do you think? We’d love to hear your comments on UID and TAV.

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