Tamper Evident Stickers - Improving Safety and Reducing Liability

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Perhaps there was a time when businesses could offer sensitive items up for retail sale and rest assured that they would not be tampered with, stolen, or altered; however, that time has long since left our consumer culture. In today’s consumer environment, there are many uses for high quality tamper evident stickers.

  • Product Safety: Manufacturers of items such as pharmaceuticals and sports equipment need to be sure that consumers understand the importance of purchasing items that have not been altered. Tamper evident stickers serve a vital purpose in product safety by immediately signaling if the packaging has been opened or punctured; warning the potential buyer not to complete the purchase.
  • Theft Protection: It would be nice to assume that everyone who walks out of a store with items has honestly paid for them—but this is not the reality of today’s consumer climate. Tamper evident labels can leave behind “Void” on both the product and the label if they are removed by the consumer rather than the retail professional. This type of tamper evident sticker is absolutely essential for manufacturers of electronics and software, because they need to be able to recognize if the guarantee should be honored. Retailers also appreciate this type of label when they process products for returns or exchanges.
  • Business Liability: If your company manufacturers any consumed item, you will appreciate tamper evident stickers and their contribution to responsible business liability. By placing tamper labels on your products, you placed more of the responsibility on the consumer to purchase safe and unaltered consumer products.

The Metalcraft recognizes how important tamper evident labels are for many different aspects of your business, which is why we are eager to supply you with these labels.

Our company is committed to meeting all of your labeling needs, including the purchase of polyester tamper evident stickers. Our polyester stickers are printed using subsurface methods, so they hold up well to cleaning and friction.

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