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Tracking Assets Saves Schools Money

November 13, 2019
Tracking School Assets

When schools look at overall efficiency, it isn’t always easy to justify purchasing decisions and budget cuts by how much something will cost in acquisition and maintenance.

It isn’t easy because school efficiency is not only measured by financial planning, but also by pupil achievement and public scrutiny.

A school’s efficiency through sophisticated asset management software, especially one that is RFID enabled, often meets with public skepticism when such software and its accompanying system is expensive and replaces traditional practices.

However, over time, such moves often shore up tight budgets, bolster student achievement, ensure student well being and, eventually, win public support.

Manually Tracking Assets Can Be Costly

In the long run, administrators looking to spend less money upfront on school asset management often make a mistake by not looking at sophisticated asset management software.

Granted, using manual systems that rely on people and so forth for record keeping might mean dollars aren’t spent on equipment and software licenses, but such practice can cost more than it saves.

For instance, if materials can’t be found, if building structures weaken, if transportation is interrupted, if teacher workload is spread too thin or student expectations are set too low, publicly shared appraisals of everything from school architecture to student achievement becomes problematic.

When school decision makers support the institution with asset management software, it’s likely the accounting of such things like those above will be noticed and remediated before a latent lack of attention weakens the school. Metalcraft's photo anodized tags, polyester tags and RFID tags, including standard and Universal mini tags, are popular among schools when tracking their assets.

It is also likely the school will have its student achievement, physical and fiscal house in order.

Nonetheless, the administration, school staff, and the public must buy into the management system’s use for it to reach its full potential and benefit the public it serves.

Even though schools use a variety of technologies to keep their operations running smoothly, the right asset management software creates the most efficiency.

Like other enterprises, faulty appropriation of personnel and other assets can seriously damage the enterprise.

Properly tracking school assets maximizes profit

Good asset management systems are essential for a positive return on investments of any kind.

Especially in large school districts, comprehensive school asset management software incorporating RFID technology is the gold standard for optimum efficiency.

Using school asset software that incorporates RFID labeling technology in the system, a school can in real time manage inventory, enable database communication between multiple locations, keep track of students and other personnel, update and maintain fixed assets, reference details on students, other personnel and fixed assets, access and compare assets to be purchased, recognize and respond to change, avoid errors, and more.

Asset Management Systems Are Affordable

And the best news is that the RFID labels that make much of the sophisticated asset management software work in the system are affordable.

So, who knows about these software systems? Chip convertors, who make labels, can point you in the right direction.

Contact Metalcraft, a convertor, to find out schools that are using sophisticated school asset software.

Perhaps, visit a school to see how really helpful this technologically proficient asset software system is and imagine how it might fit into your school, large or small.

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