RFID Tags and Labels

RFID Tags and Labels

RFID Labels & Tags

Just what makes Metalcraft's RFID labels and RFID tags superior to other RFID labels and RFID tags? Durability and reusability. We designed every one of our RFID labels and RFID tags to withstand repeated usage in tough environments. Repeated usage drives down the cost per read, which in turn generates a greater ROI.

Why are these tags so durable? Every one of our RFID labels and RFID tags utilizes a construction that encapsulates the RFID inlay within the layers of the label - protecting it from environmental conditions that could affect its performance.

Durable construction combined with subsurface digital printing and unique capabilities like double-sided registered options for our RFID Hang Tag, RFID Windshield Tag and Rearview Mirror Hang Tag make Metalcraft RFID tags look as great as they perform.

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