RFID Tags for Plastic Surfaces

Various sizes, inlays and constructions to fit your tracking application

For items like plastic bins, crates and more, our variety of RFID tags can conform and provide durability, security and be tamper-proof for anti-theft RFID applications. For example, our RFID Flex Hard Tags for plastic pallets stay put under extraordinary conditions, with tough adhesive and even extra fasteners.

Metalcraft’s RFID Flex Hard Tags are specifically designed for assets that need a rugged, yet flexible, polymer RFID tag that is more cost effective than traditional hard tags and has a reliable, consistent read range performance.

Perfect for tracking returnable containers such as pallets, crates or totes, Metalcraft’s Standard RFID Tag attaches directly to non-metal assets.

DuraDestruct RFID Security Tag's specialized construction eliminates the transferability of the RFID tag and incorporates two levels of destructibility. If someone attempts to remove the tag the RFID antenna construction breaks into separate pieces making the read range of the tag mere inches.

RFID for Plastic Surfaces Resources

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Protecting Pallets

TriEnda, Metalcraft partner to provide innovative packaging solutions


Sustainability is a buzz word in many industries today. One way companies look to become more sustainable is by investing in returnable containers. They can be kinder to the environment as well as the company’s balance sheet by not having to continually purchase single-use containers.

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