RFID Tags for use with People

Race timing, event management, access control - track times, crowds, manage payments and more!

For wristbands, racebibs or credential tags, the added element of people wearing RFID solutions means color, performance but low-profile. Check out our customizable solutions for trackable, company branding. Bring company logos or advertising messages to life with full-color images that are photographic-like in quality, while tracking access to or movement around a specific locale. As good as these wristbands look – they perform even better. Made from a variety of durable, permanent materials, the actual construction of the tag protects the inlay by sealing it within the layers of durable material. In addition, each tag can be programmed to match the variable information printed on the label. 

Metalcraft's RFID Race Timing Tag is a low profile RFID tag that easily adheres to race bibs and has great performance and sensitivity to track runners splits and times throughout the race. Each tag is customizable with your text and logo.

Produced with a digital printing process that provides photographic like image quality of detailed logos or special designs, Metalcraft's RFID Credential Tags and Name Badges are the perfect solution when you want your image to leave a lasting impression.

If you’re handling a concert or other event with lines of people awaiting access, use wristbands to quickly and efficiently manage crowd entry. More efficient than traditional ticket systems, each wristband features a durable adhesive-closure eliminating the ease of tampering and removal.

RFID for People Resources

Metalcraft's RFID Tags Tops In Industry Reports Study

As RFID technology continues to mature, more companies are looking to implement the technology. RFID asset management is highly efficient and easy to use thanks to automatic identification and a non-line-of-sight signal.

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What is RFID? A Basic Guide to Radio Frequency Identification

What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses a radio wave to identify an object. The main components of an RFID inlay include the IC (integrated chip) which executes commands and stores data; the antenna which absorbs RF waves and helps broadcast the signal; and the substrate which is the material that the chip and antenna are attached to.

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RFID Numbering Options

Customers for RFID tag technology will find numerous options when purchasing tags. Choices usually depend upon the cost, the application and the design requirements more so than esthetics. Materials, affixing methods, environments, sizes, and production times are considered while making the choice, as is numbering.

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Passive Sensors - A Guide To Passive Sensing Tags

Here at Metalcraft we produce many types of tags and labels, and we’ve developed many custom products to meet ID challenges. We know the value of a great tag. So, we are eager to share promising new technology using passive sensors.

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RFID At Trade Shows

The Challenge

Beyond registration and check-in, attendees at conferences, trade shows and other events are largely "invisible" to the organizers and hosts. Most conference managers can't say with certainty that attendees are present at the sessions they registered to attend. There is no accurate way to measure traffic volume and flow on a trade show floor. And the food and beverage counts hosts receive from caterers are often inaccurate.

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