RFID Hanging Tags

For applications where adhesives just won't do. Variety of options available - customized printing, double side variable copy and more!

For bales, key fobs or general hanging tags, we have RFID products that are durable, removable and reusable. Our tag’s polymer construction protects the text and RFID inlay from the elements, offering superior access control and tracking. For hang tags, you can print a registered company logo or instructional information on the second side. You can even print the same variable number or bar code on both sides allowing anyone to see the information from either side of the tag. 

The perfect solution for tracking assets on metal or non-metal surfaces that do not allow for attachment directly to the asset. The construction protects the inlay from environmental conditions that could affect the performance of the RFID tag.

Metalcraft’s RFID Bale Tag is the ideal solution for tagging and tracking any type of bale. Whether it’s for agricultural, cardboard, printing, recycling materials, fabrics or non-wovens, the RFID Bale Tag can easily be attached to any type of bale.

Metalcraft’s RFID Key Fobs are the ideal identification solution for personnel applications where the tag can be secured to a key chain, etc.

RFID Hanging Tags Resources

Everything You Wanted To Know About RFID Badges

Whether it’s allowing access to events like concerts or tradeshows or managing events at museums or aquariums, we have all seen RFID (radio frequency identification) Badges, but do we really understand how they work or what they can do for us?

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What is RFID? A Basic Guide to Radio Frequency Identification

What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses a radio wave to identify an object. The main components of an RFID inlay include the IC (integrated chip) which executes commands and stores data; the antenna which absorbs RF waves and helps broadcast the signal; and the substrate which is the material that the chip and antenna are attached to.

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Best Asset Tags For Plastic Containers & Pallets [RFID & Non-RFID]

Returnable asset tracking including containers, pallets, totes and other mobile assets are vital to a company's supply chain and delivery fulfillment processes. Traditionally plastic containers, returnable pallets and other mobile container items are well known for being lost, damaged and generally hard to manage because of their portability, environment and heavy usage.  

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RFID Numbering Options

Customers for RFID tag technology will find numerous options when purchasing tags. Choices usually depend upon the cost, the application and the design requirements more so than esthetics. Materials, affixing methods, environments, sizes, and production times are considered while making the choice, as is numbering.

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Weighing The Benefits Of RFID

Rusty's Weigh Scales, Metalcraft Partner To Provide Complete Solution to Customers

Creating efficiencies is a primary benefit of implementing systems using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in any industry for a wide variety of applications – even some that may surprise you.

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