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For more than 55 years, cHc Manufacturing has been the single source for custom fabrication and installation of structural steel, industrial catwalks, miscellaneous metals, steel stairs and ornamental iron.

Looking for a way to expand on its foundation of quality, hard work and honesty, the company set about a new project - launching a separate division designed to accelerate construction schedules by providing standardized pre-engineered and ready-to-ship Division 5 metals.


Brodey Connelly, Purchasing Manager at cHc Manufacturing/D5 Products and his team understand the importance of accountability and its correlation to safety in the construction industry. They wanted their customers to be able to identify their D5 metal products using QR (Quick Response) codes. Improving material identification with QR codes decreases both inspection time and data-entry errors. D5 Products needed an effective way to identify their products.

According to Connelly, they wanted something that wouldn't fade and would be there forever. The team tried hand-stamping, but when that didn't work they searched the web and found Metalcraft, a 72-year-old manufacturing company of durable identification products including QR code tags.


Connelly worked with Metalcraft Inside Sales Lead, Tonya Ristau, in selecting the right product for his application. They ultimately landed on Metalcraft's Tabbed Metal Barcode Nameplate with a QR code for its durability rating as well as its time-saving tab. The product's convenient break-away tab assists with nameplate liner removal. "It definitely saves time and is very helpful," said Connelly.

The QR code and black copy are photographically reproduced, ensuring accurate and reliable reads, then sealed within the anodic layer of the aluminum. This protects the QR code and black copy from chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures.


The QR code tag gave Connelly and his team the visibility and accountability they wanted for their customers. Scanning the QR code on the metal tag allows the user to know what the product is, where it came from and what it will be used for. Connelly trusts that this information will be available for many, many years to come.

In addition, he appreciates working with Metalcraft not only because of their high-quality products, but also because of their exceptional service. "Tonya is very responsive and she gets quotes out very fast," he said. In regards to the tags, Connelly stated that they have definitely lived up to Metalcraft's promise. "The tags have been the most successful part of the project."

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