Find the Asset Tag, Barcode Label or RFID Tag For Your Project

Popular Plastic Asset Labels


The polyester label with a .001" laminate includes .001” of adhesive making it ideal for high volume applications in mild environments.


The .002” polypropylene Valumark label conforms to uneven and curved surfaces and adheres tightly to plastics that resist labels under moderate use. Subsurface digital printing eliminates lamination and keeps graphics bright when used, primarily, for indoor asset tracking.


Durable .002" thick polyester labels adhere to uneven and curved metal and plastic assets. The .002” pressure-sensitive adhesive layer gives a strong bond.


Our top-of-the-line polyester label features our thickest polyester (.003") combined with a .0035" thick adhesive for the most demanding projects.

48 Hr. DASH Program

48 Hour DASH Program

Metalcraft’s DASH Program provides a flat-fee rush order service that offers a wide variety of polyester and polymer products to fill any application need.

5 Point Promise

Metalcraft 5 Point Promise

Order any of our photo anodized products and receive our 5 Point Promise guaranteeing the durability, quick-turnaround and easy replacement of any of your tags.

Customer Service

Metalcraft Customer Service

At Metalcraft we pride ourselves in making sure you have the best label for your application.  If you have questions, we have answers via phone, chat or email.

RFID Handbook

RFID Handbook Cover

Learn the ins and outs of what is RFID and how it works, how RFID can benefit your business, future trends for RFID, the different ways RFID is used in various industries and much more! 

Associations & Certifications

Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility
National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers
Intertek ISO Certification
Tugboat Institute