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Durable, flexible and reliable asset tracking
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Case Study

Ensuring a "Concrete" Infrastructure

Massachusetts DOT partners with Metalcraft using RFID in concrete tracking

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Ensuring a Concrete Infrastructure

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Barcode vs RFID Handbook

Choosing to go with RFID technology over barcoding for asset management comes down to performance, efficiency and reliability. Neither barcode nor RFID is better than the other in all scenarios. You have to pick the right technology for your application needs. Download the handbook to learn:

  1. Benefits of Asset Management
  2. Advantages of Barcode
  3. Advantages of RFID
  4. Metalcraft Advantage

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barcode vs rfid handbook

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UID Labels

Nov 07, 2019

Tips for Understanding UID

We break down barcode symbology, Construct 1 vs. Construct 2 and validation vs verification to help you get a clearer picture of what it all means.

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Asset Tracking Solutions That Are a Good Fit For Mid-Size Organizations

Nov 13, 2019

Asset Tracking Solutions That Are a Good Fit For Mid-Size Organizations

In Part 2 of a multi-part series, we take a look at three software solutions that are not only reliable and innovative in the field of asset tracking but are ideal for mid-size enterprises needing some integration but not a total overhaul.

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Scan with Grey Trunk

Nov 13, 2019

Asset Tracking Solutions That Make Sense For Small Organizations

Check out these three asset tracking solutions that make sense for small organizations.

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