Creating a Memorable "Experience"



Experiential marketing has seen a remarkable growth in recent years, transforming the landscape of traditional brand promotion. This dynamic approach emphasizes creating immersive and memorable experiences for consumers, fostering a deeper connection between brands and their target audience.

eshots has been at the forefront of experiential marketing since 1998. Headquartered in Chicago, eshots is the leading consumer lead capture, engagement and conversion platform in the experiential marketing industry. "We provide a data capture and analytic platform for consumer brands to power their live marketing initiatives," said Mark Adamski, Marketing Director at eshots.

Adamski explains, "eshots partners with large consumer brands that want to engage with consumers at venues like sporting events, auto shows, concerts and more. Using our platform, brands are able to establish a meaningful relationship with consumers," he said.


With big brands looking for custom-made applications/experiences for their customers, eshots wanted to find the perfect solution for a prominent branch of the U.S. military. They turned to Iowa-based Metalcraft, a manufacturer of identification solutions including both barcode and radio frequency identification technologies and a previous supplier to create a custom RFID tag.


According to Chris Habrowski, Director of Operations at eshots, customers register their RFID "DogTags" and then use them in various interactive activations throughout the display, i.e., Virtual Reality, Simulators, etc. "It creates a personalized experience for potential military recruits," he said.

eshots' platform collects the information gathered at the event and then provides it to the client. This allows them to make smarter decisions and deliver a higher ROI on their experiential marketing spend.

Although Metalcraft plays a small role in the overall application, it is an important role. When asked what he was most impressed with at Metalcraft, Habrowski was quick to point out the excellent customer service. "Bre Allbright has been our Account Manager and she has been patient while providing numerous quotes for us over the course of six months," he said.


With more than 3 million consumer leads captured from over 25,000 event days last year alone, eshots continues to lead the experiential marketing industry and Metalcraft will be there to assist with any custom ID products they may need.

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