Security Barcode Labels


  • Destructible material tears apart if removal is attempted, deterring theft or unauthorized asset transfer
  • Unique coating aids in destruction of label and protects bar code and/or copy from cleaning and mild abrasion
  • Virtually impossible to remove in one piece

Secure valuable assets and deter theft with Metalcraft’s Security Barcode Labels!

Made from a destructible material that tears apart if someone tries to remove it, these labels offer customers a unique way to protect their property. The coating featured on these labels not only aids in the destruction of the label but also protects the barcode and/or copy from cleaning as well as mild abrasion. Add a barcode and/or human-readable number to the label and use it as a part of an overall asset tracking system.

Available with or without a barcode, Metalcraft’s Security Barcode Labels are produced using our digital printing process, which shows off even the most detailed logos, type and artwork. Custom spot colors and four-color processing are also available at no additional charge.

Specifications Data
Material .002" thick destructible white polyethylene
Bar Code & Serialization Barcode and human-readable equivalent is digitally printed – providing excellent clarity and easy scanning. Code 39 is the standard symbology with a range of 2.7 to 9.4 CPI (characters per inch). Optional linear and 2D symbologies available. Although this product is primarily marketed as a bar code product, we can produce it with human-readable numbers only or unserialized.
Label Copy The label copy may include block type, stylized type, logos or other designs
Colors Standard colors include black, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, dark blue or blue. Custom spot colors are also available at no additional charge. Due to contrast needed for the bar code scanner, all bar codes are black.
Standard Adhesive Precoated pressure-sensitive adhesive
Sizes 2" x 1"; 2" x .625"; 1.5" x .75"; 1.25" x .5"; 1.75" x .5"
Packaging Shipped on convenient rolls with scrap matrix removed for ease of removal. Cartons are clearly marked to indicate serial numbers of labels.
Shipment 8 business days
Destructive Test Data
Chemical Test Summary
Bar Code Readability Test: This rating measures bar code readability after being exposed to chemicals listed below for a 2 hour soak. Chemical emergence tests are rated on a scale of 100 to 0:
100 = No Effect
75 = Image Blurred
50 = Image Scratches Off
25 = Image Wipes Off
0 = Image Destroyed
Chemical Test Data
Test conditions Rating
Acetone 15
Isopropyl alcohol 90
Speedball power cleaner 100
Glass cleaner 100
Water 100
Temperature Test Data
Read Range Test Data
Barcode Readability Test Data
Abrasion Test Data
Label Adhesion Test Data
Pull Test Data

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