Plastic Barcode Labels

Conformable, versatile and highly customizable plastic barcode labels have countless uses.

There is so much variety to be had with plastic barcode labels. Applications include labels for windshields, cables, containers, racks, destructible, metalized, tamper evident and so much more! All feature superior readability and most can be customized to your environment. This is truly your hardworking label that looks great, conforms to any surface and can be stylized with four-color process as well as PMS colors for brand impact. Our options are endless as anything can be customized. That’s ID Made Better®.  

EZ-Peel Removable Labels allow the user to remove or reposition the polyester barcode label without leaving a sticky residue.

Metalcraft’s Removable Paint-Mask Barcode Labels have a unique one-time removable paint-mask.

An ideal solution for indoor asset tracking, “VALUMARK” Labels are an effective and affordable identification solution.

Metalized Silver Polyester Labels have the appearance of metal without the accompanying price tag.

Metalcraft’s Premium Polyester Barcode Labels provide both flexibility and functionality for your asset tracking needs.

Make it easy on yourself with easy-to-mark Barcode Cable Labels from Metalcraft.

Ensure proper tracking and return of your reusable containers with a product specifically designed for that application.

Secure valuable assets and deter theft with Metalcraft’s Destructible Labels!

Discourage theft and keep your property intact with Metalcraft’s Tamper-Evident Barcode Labels.

Metalcraft’s Premium StyleMark Labels use a flexible polycarbonate material with a textured, non-reflective finish.

Our CRAFTMARK Polyester Barcode Labels are printed using our thickest polyester and a .0035” thick adhesive.

Gain the advantage for your asset tracking solution with Metalcraft’s ID Advantage Barcode Labels.

Metalcraft's Windshield Tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations.

Warehouse Rack Labels keep your dynamic warehouse environment organized and efficient.

Metalcraft Long Range Barcode Labels are an easy way to keep track of your warehouse inventory from a distance.

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