Asset Tracking

Endless tags and labels for all your asset tracking needs

Misplaced assets are a challenge for any business, so tracking and keeping order around supplies helps you save valuable time—you’re not wasting time tracking down assets or wasting money replacing equipment you can’t find. Asset tracking labels—whether RFID, barcode or other tracking technology—are designed so the asset can be easily identified and tracked in any environment. Not only is the construction customizable (paper, plastic, metal, etc.), you can also customize your asset tags with text, logos, sequential numbers, barcodes, RFID and more.  

Asset tags are used in a variety of different applications but generally fall into five different categories.  

  • Physical Item / Equipment Tracking 

  • Theft / Loss Prevention 

  • Item Reclamation / Discovery 

  • Reports & Records 

  • Brand Awareness / Customer Service 

These .016” thick aluminum nameplate offer the greatest flexibility in nameplate design.

The Bale Tag is the ideal solution for tagging and tracking any type of bale. Whether it's for agricultural, cardboard, printing, recycling materials, fabrics or non-wovens, the Bale tag can easily be attached to any type of bale.

Dirt, grease, grime, even dried paint easily clean off this revolutionary nameplate due to its durable Teflon® coating. Once clean, you get a fast, accurate bar code reading to track assets, fugitive emissions or work-in-process.

Metal Barcode Tags are ideal for customers who require permanent nameplates to stand up in harsh environments.

EZ-Peel Removable Labels allow the user to remove or reposition the label without leaving a sticky residue.

Metal Barcode Nameplates combine reliability with the durability you have come to expect with any Metalcraft product. And now we’ve made them even easier to apply with a convenient break-away tab to assist with liner removal.

A removable, reusable solution for a variety of applications, our Barcode Hang Tag may be used for cold storage, asset control, personnel identification, logistics, work-in-progress, warehousing applications and more.

Metalcraft’s Removable Paint-Mask Barcode Labels have a unique one-time removable paint-mask designed to resist tough manufacturing environments and can withstand temperatures up to 250°F.

The 002” polypropylene Valumark label conforms to uneven and curved surfaces and adheres tightly to plastics that resist labels under moderate use. Subsurface digital printing eliminates lamination and keeps graphics bright when used, primarily, for indoor asset tracking.

Metalized Polyester Labels are polyester asset labels that have the appearance of expensive metal without the accompanying price tag. These silver polyester labels are digitally printed which allows for crisp, clean company logos as well as consistent, reliable barcode scans.

Metalcraft’s Foil 2D Dot is an ideal identification solution for small parts tracking - specializing in extreme conditions where abrasion and high temperatures may be an issue.

Do you need to track uniforms, hospital aprons, rental linens or other materials? Metalcraft's Heat Seal Labels are made of a woven polyester and heat-activated adhesive that bonds well to cottons, polyesters and much more. They even withstand washing and drying cycles!

Durable .002" polyester Premium Polyester Labels adhere to uneven and curved metal and plastic assets. The .002” pressure-sensitive adhesive gives a strong bond. The subsurface, digital printing ensures barcode readability and crisp graphics.

The QuickTab Tag Dispenser is a revolutionary, patent-pending product from Metalcraft designed to make nameplate application more efficient than any other product on the market.

Made of durable anodized aluminum, Metalcraft's High Temperature Metal Barcode Tags are ideal for applications with temperature requirements from 900°F-1200°F.

Metalcraft’s Paint-Resist Metal Bar Code Nameplates feature a special fluoropolymer laminate that resists 10-12 paint applications, grease, even graffiti, and can withstand temperatures up to 350°F.

Foil Barcode Labels are ideal for customers who require a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces, yet will withstand chemicals, abrasion, solvents, and high temperatures.

Barcode Cable Labels simplify the task of marking cables, hoses, tubing, etc., by providing subsurface printing on one end with the clear part of the label wrapping around the pre-imaged information to provide additional protection.

Metalcraft's Thermalmark Polyester Labels offer the durability of a pre-printed label with the flexibility to custom print information on-site as needed.

Ensure the proper tracking and return of your reusable containers with a product that was specifically designed for that application.

Secure valuable assets and deter theft with Metalcraft's Destructible Labels! Made from a material that tears apart if someone tries to remove it, these labels offer a unique way to protect property.

Discourage theft and keep your property in tact with Metalcraft's Tamper Evident Labels. If someone attempts to remove the label, the word "VOID" is left behind on the surface of the asset and the back of the label.

Made from a flexible polycarbonate material with a textured, non-reflective finish, Premium Stylemark Labels look great and work even better.

This top-of-the-line polyester label features our thickest polyester combined with a .0035" thick adhesive.

ID Advantage labels are ideal for high volume applications in a mild-to-moderate environment. The optional .001" thick clear polyester over laminate provides additional protection to the bar code and/or copy.

The Metalcraft RFID Windshield Tag utilizes passive RFID UHF technology offering a more economical option to active windshield tags available. Encased between thin layers of polyester, the specialized inlay doesn’t require a standoff to read either through or on a glass windshield.

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No Pressure For These Tags

Intensified Metal Barcode Nameplates withstand the sun and the heat - guaranteed!


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