When security and monitoring access are paramount, Metalcraft has the right solution for your access control needs. Depending on your application, we have a wide range of RFID and non-RFID solutions—from windshield tags, key fobs and wristbands to tamper evident labels, parking hang tags and DuraDestruct RFID tags, our durable materials and design allow for more security, and can even collect payment. Controlling vehicle access, one of our most used access control applications, can be a challenge. Eliminate the need for staff to stop for a card reader with our windshield tags, for example. Our easy-to-use, versatile access control products impact your positive ROI. Now, that’s ID Made Better®.  

We took our best-selling RFID Windshield Tags and made them even better! Using destructible material to construct the tag itself we’ve made it virtually impossible to remove in one piece – increasing the security features of the tag and the potential applications in which the tag can be used.

Metalcraft's RFID Race Timing Tag is a low profile RFID tag that easily adheres to race bibs and has great performance and sensitivity to track runners splits and times throughout the race. Each RFID label is customizable with your text and logo.

Produced with a digital printing process that provides photographic like image quality of detailed logos or special designs, Metalcraft's RFID Credential Tags and Name Badges are the perfect solution when you want your image to leave a lasting impression.

Perfect for temporary access control applications where you don’t want permanent attachment to the windshield, the RFID Parking Permit Hang Tag is an optimal choice for access control in parking lots, gated communities and anywhere vehicles come and go.

Controlling vehicle access to individual locations – whether it’s corporate facilities, gated communities, or downtown parking lots – can be challenging. Eliminate the need for on-site staff and the hassle of stopping for a card reader with our RFID Windshield Tags.

Metalcraft’s Onsite Printable RFID Windshield Tag is specially designed to allow easy printing and encoding of RFID tags on-demand, providing a reliable, cost-effective solution for your tracking application.

Metalcraft’s RFID Key Fobs are the ideal identification solution for personnel applications where the tag can be secured to a key chain, etc.

If you’re handling a concert or other event with lines of people awaiting access, use RFID wristbands to quickly and efficiently manage crowd entry. The wristbands feature an RFID inlay to grant access with ease. The wristbands feature an RFID inlay to grant access with ease.

How do people use RFID for Access Control?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is commonly used for access control systems to manage and secure physical spaces. The basic idea is to use RFID tags and readers to allow or deny access to specific areas based on the authentication of the RFID tag. Here’s a general overview of how RFID is used for access control.

  1. RFID Tags - most RFID access control systems use passive RFID tags. These tags do not have a power source but are powered by the electromagnetic fields generated by RFID readers. Active RFID tags with their own power source (battery) 
  2. RFID Readers – access control systems typically use RFID readers to send and receive signals to and from RFID tags. Readers can be fixed at entry points, doors, or gates where access control is required.
  3. Authentication – when an RFID tags is brought into proximity of an RFID reader, the reader sends out an interrogation signal. The RFID tag response with its unique identifier or other relevant data.
  4. Authorization – if the RFID tag’s information matches an authorized user in the system, the access control system grants access.
  5. Logging and Monitoring – access control systems often log each access attempt, recording details such as time, date and user identity.

Overall, RFID access control systems provide a convenient and efficient way to manage physical access to restricted areas while maintaining a record or entry and exit activities.

Where is RFID access control used?

RFID access control is commonly used in offices, government buildings, industrial facilities, educational institutions, and residential complexes.

Why do people use RFID for Access Control?>

People use RFID for access control systems for several reasons, as RFID technology offers various advantages in managing and securing physical access to buildings or specific areas within them. Here are some key reasons why RFID is commonly used in access control systems.

  1. Convenience and Speed – RFID enables quick and contactless access. Users can gain entry by simply presenting their RFID cards or badges in proximity to the reader without the need for physical contact.
  2. Security – RFID technology provides a secure means of authentication. The unique identifiers on RFID tags make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access.
  3. Automation – RFID access control systems can be integrated with other security and building management systems, allowing for automation of various processes such as unlocking doors, turning on lights, or adjusting environmental controls based on access permissions.
  4. Durability and Versatility – RFID technology comes in various forms including cards, key fobs, and implanted chips. This versatility allows organizations to choose the form factor that best suits their needs. RFID cards and tags are generally durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  5. Cost Effectiveness – RFID technology has become more cost effective over time, making it an affordable choice for many organizations. The scalability and long-term reliability of RFID systems contribute to their cost-effectiveness.

Overall, RFID technology offers a combination of convenience, security, and scalability, making it a popular choice for access control systems across various industries and settings.

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