Thermal Transfer Printed Polyester IUID Labels


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good printability and excellent barcode readability
  • Available in a range of label sizes
  • ITAR compliant
  • Thermal transfer printing receptive

Our Polyester IUID Labels are a superb general purpose option for industrial applications where durability, excellent adhesion and cost is a factor.

Effective across a wide range of temperatures, polyester labels offer permanent acrylic adhesion and excellent image quality. Their thermal receive coating provides cross-links with resin ribbons to form a chemical and abrasion resistant image.

Polyester label substrate colors include:

  • Gloss
  • Matte White
  • Silver
  • Clear

Polyester IUID labels can be thermal transfer printed with human and machine-readable information using high-contrast black print resin.

Intended uses include electronics, computers,  inside protected areas and low-UV environments.  They have been effectively affixed to electronic components,  assemblies sent into orbit on communications satellites,  and under the heat shield of firearms. With their proven durability, application flexibility and  modest cost, polyester labels are ideal for many different types of items and has a temperature tolerance range of -40F to 257F/

Specifications Data
Material .002" polyester
Bar Code & Serialization Barcode and human-readable equivalent is produced using the latest high-resolution digital technology available, which provides excellent clarity and easy scanning. Code 39 is the standard symbology with a range of 2.7 to 9.4 CPI (characters per inch). Optional symbologies include Code 128, I 2 of 5, 2D DataMatrix and QR Code
Label Copy The label copy may include block type, stylized type, logos or other designs
Colors Standard colors include black, red, yellow, green, dark blue, orange, purple or blue. Custom spot colors are also available at no additional charge. Due to contrast needed for the barcode scanner, all barcodes are black
Standard Adhesive High performance adhesive
Sizes Various sizes available
Packaging Shipped on convenient rolls with scrap matrix removed for ease of removal. Cartons are clearly marked to indicate serial numbers of labels
Shipment 8 business days
Destructive Test Data
Chemical Test Summary
This rating measures barcode readability on various labels after being exposed to chemicals listed below for a 6-hour soak. NE = No Effect
Chemical Test Data
Test Results
Product Water Glass Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner Alcohol Acetone Sodium Hydroxide Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Brake Fluid
Polyester UID Labels NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE
Temperature Test Data
Heat Test
Polyester UID Labels
302F intermittent
Read Range Test Data
Barcode Readability Test Data
Abrasion Test Summary
Measured using Taber Abrader using Calibrase H18 wheel with 500g weight
Abrasion Test Data
Label Abrasion Test
Polyester UID Labels
2,500 Revolutions
Label Adhesion Test Summary
Labels were applied to a clean glass substrate and submerged in the following chemicals for 6 hours. A 180-degree peel test was performed on each label to measure peel strength in pounds/inch. NA = Not Available
Label Adhesion Test Data
Label Adhesion Test
Product Water Glass Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner Alcohol Acetone Sodium Hydroxide Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Brake Fluid
Polyester UID Labels 5.3 6.1 6.4 5.6 3.7 5.6 5.7 5.4 5.1
Pull Test Data