Long-Range Barcode Label


  • Highly reflective material allows for scanning from distances of up to 35 feet
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive adheres well to most surfaces including high surface energy metals and plastics
  • Slit liner makes it easy to peel the label from the liner and apply to the mounting surface

Metalcraft Long-Range Bar Code Labels are ideal for warehouse applications or manufacturing facilities where bar code labels are not always easily accessible. The highly reflective material makes it possible to scan from up to 35 feet away while the permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive adheres well to high surface energy metals and plastics.

Specifications Data
Material .004” thick RetroReflective vinyl.
Bar Code & Serialization Bar code with human-readable equivalent for serialization; may include alphanumeric characters. Guaranteed no skips in sequence. Code 39 is standard. Code 128 is optional. You will need to provide the “X” dimension and ratio supplied by your scanner manufacturer to Metalcraft prior to production.
Label Copy The label copy can include block type only. Stylized type, logos, and other designs not available.
Colors The bar code is always printed in black.
Standard Adhesive .001” permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive supported by a liner. Provides a good bond to high surface energy metals and plastics such as aluminum, steel, ABS, nylon, Noryl, etc. Shelf life of 24 months if stored at 72°F (22°C) and 50% relative humidity.
Sizes Metalcraft can custom-make many different sizes up to a maximum height of 9” and a maximum length of . All labels are provided individually with square corners. Scan distance and number of characters encoded in the bar code have a direct bearing on the size (length) of the label. Refer to “X” dimension chart for Code 39 to determine size.
Holes Optional
Packaging Each individual label is packaged in sequential order. Both cartons and label packages are clearly marked to indicate serial numbers of contents. All orders are shipped with cleaner and application instructions.
Shipment 10 business days after receipt of order with approved artwork.