UID (Unique Item Identification)

Meet government requirements with our UID program that lasts the lifetime of the item

What is IUID? Item Unique Identification, or IUID, is a required asset identification program set up by the US Defense Department (DoD). Formulation of the globally unique identification number often depends on coding expertise, which Metalcraft has been doing since IUID was implemented. Our IUID specialists know the DoD guidance and directive, as well as MIL-STD-130 specs, customizing a solution that guarantees verification of the print standards. 

Essentially, the DoD’s unique identifiers become a key component in facilitating overall increased asset visibility across the military supply chain by identifying precisely where an item is at and how it is being used. Metalcraft helps these customers yield a very real return on investment by providing the best IUID solution. Now that’s ID Made Better®. 

Digital printing ensures bar code readability as well as crisp, clean company logos while subsurface printing protects the logos, copy and bar code against extreme solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion – ensuring the mark with last the service lifetime of the item being identified.

Metalcraft’s Foil 2D Dot is an ideal identification solution for small parts tracking.

Our Photo Anodized Aluminum IUID Plates provide excellent durability and barcode readability, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor and industrial applications.

Printed using ceramic ink on a thin ceramic layer that is fired and fused to a heat-resistant stainless steel substrate. Withstands moderate to harsh chemical conditions and extremely high temperatures.

Our Polyester IUID Labels are a superb general purpose option for industrial applications where durability, excellent adhesion and cost is a factor.

Our Photo Anodized Foil IUID Labels easily conform to curved surfaces while specially matched adhesives ensure maximum adhesion.

Our Metalized Polyester UID labels are durable, flexible, and highly resistant to abrasion, grease, oils and a broad range of solvents and temperature extremes of -40F to 248F. 

Our laser-etched Polyacrylic IUID Labels provide an excellent alternative for applications that require high-contrast images, reliable readability, long-term durability and flexibility. Extremely resistant to thermal shock and temperature extremes.

What is IUID?

IUID stands for Item Unique Identification. It is a system of marking and tracking items, typically used in the context of government and defense contracts. The IUID is part of a broader initiative to improve asset visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain and life cycle of items.

What are the components of IUID?

The Item Unique Identification (IUID) system comprises several key component designed to facilitate the unique identification, tracking, and management of items. These components work together to ensure that each item is assigned a unique identifier and that relevant information is captured and maintained throughout its life cycle. Here are the main components of the IUID system.

  1. Unique Identifier - a unique combination of characters or numbers assigned to each item that uniquely identifies each item within the IUID system
  2. Data Matrix Code – a two-dimensional barcode encoding the unique identifier which provides a machine-readable representation of the unique identifier, allowing for efficient data capture and retrieval
  3. IUID Registry or Database – a centralized database or registry where unique identifiers and associated information are stored which facilitates the organization, retrieval, and sharing of data related to each item within the IUID system

Why is IUID important?

The Item Unique Identification (IUID) system is important for several reasons, particularly in industries where precise tracking, accountability, and efficient management of items are critical. Here are key reasons why IUID is important.

  1. Uniquely identifies items - IUID provides a unique identifier for each item ensuring that no two items share the same identification code which enables precise and unambiguous identification of items, reducing the risk of errors, confusion, and management
  2. Enhances traceability – IUID facilitates the traceability of items throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing through delivery and use which enables organizations to track the movement, status, and history of items, enhancing visibility and accountability in the supply chain
  3. Improves asset visibility – IUID contributes to improved asset visibility by providing a standardized method for identifying and tracking items which enables the ability to locate, monitor and manage assets, reducing the likelihood of lost or misplaced items
  4. Supports efficient data capture – the use of Data Matrix codes in IUID allows for efficient and accurate data capture which reduces manual data entry errors and speeds up the process of identifying and recording information about items.
  5. Compliance with government requirements – IUID is often a requirement in government contracts, particularly in the defense industry which ensures contractors comply with IUID standards to ensure alignment with contractual obligations, promoting consistency across the supply chain

In summary, IUID is important because it establishes a standardized and systematic approach to item identification and tracking, contributing to improved efficiency, accuracy and accountability in various industries and supply chain contexts.

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