Labels as security measures? Why yes, Metalcraft has a solution for you! We’ve intelligently partnered with customers like you to build a repertoire of solutions, including making a label destructible. Our Destructible Labels tear apart if they are attempted to be removed. This deters theft or unauthorized asset transfer. And our Tamper Evident Labels give you a clear visual indication that the product/asset has been tampered with. These options have an eye toward security, making sure your assets are protected. That’s ID Made Better®.  

Make it easy on yourself with easy-to-mark Barcode Cable Labels from Metalcraft.

Secure valuable assets and deter theft with Metalcraft’s Security Barcode Labels!

Discourage theft and keep your property intact with Metalcraft’s Tamper-Evident Barcode Labels.

More effective than traditional ticket systems, each wristband features a durable adhesive-closure.

Metalcraft's Destructible Windshield Tags destruct upon removal from a windshield.

An unfired ceramic label is fused onto the product during the heat treatment process of the production line.

From The Asset Tracking Blog

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