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From computers, copiers and printers to security cameras, server racks and more, IT and office equipment inventory can easily be handled by Metalcraft’s asset tracking solutions. In particular, data centers are constantly in motion, rearranging server racks, upgrading equipment, bringing in cooling systems and more. Keeping an updated inventory and tracking new (and retired) assets doesn’t need to slow you down. 

When using the right asset tracking technology for your application, you can help: 

  • Keep track of inventory automatically
  • Receive and assign goods, knowing where everything is
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment purchases
  • Discourage theft

Understanding what the equipment you’re tracking goes through, the environment and different surfaces will help get your application the right asset management technology. And if the solution is not available now, we can customize and create one that is exactly right for you. These types of innovations are what make our IT solutions ID Made Better®.  

Metal Nameplate

Metal Barcode Tags combine reliability with the durability you have come to expect with any Metalcraft product.

Tabbed Metal Nameplates

Tabbed Metal Barcode Nameplates have a convenient break-away tab to assist with liner removal. 

Premium polyester labels

An ideal solution for indoor asset tracking, “VALUMARK” Labels are an effective and affordable identification solution.

Metalized polyester

Metalized Silver Polyester Labels have the appearance of metal without the accompanying price tag.

Premium Polyester Asset Tag

Metalcraft’s Premium Polyester Barcode Labels provide both flexibility and functionality for your asset tracking needs.

Foil Asset Tags

Our flexible Foil Barcode Labels conform to surfaces while withstanding chemicals, abrasion, solvents and high temperatures.

Tamper Evident Labels

Discourage theft and keep your property intact with Metalcraft’s Tamper-Evident Barcode Labels.

Stylemark Asset Tags

Metalcraft’s Premium StyleMark Labels use a flexible polycarbonate material with a textured, non-reflective finish.


Craftmark labels

Our CRAFTMARK Polyester Barcode Labels are printed using our thickest polyester and a .0035” thick adhesive.

ID Advantage Labels

Gain the advantage for your asset tracking solution with Metalcraft’s ID Advantage Barcode Labels.

Ultimate Guide to Metal Tags

This sourcebook will go into detail on the key benefits of metal tags, as well as how to ensure you get the right one for your application.

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