RFID for Education: Schools, Colleges & Universities

Give your assets perfect attendance with reliable and versatile Metalcraft asset tracking

Schools, especially college campuses, often have many assets spread across multiple facilities, with high-value technology frequently going back and forth between them. Tracking equipment and supplies is a challenge in any school, and record keeping can easily become a nightmare due to misplaced assets, forcing busy faculty and staff to waste precious time tracking down audio visual devices, laboratory equipment or other supplies. If the equipment can't be found, many schools stretch their already tight budgets to unnecessarily purchase or rent replacements.

Tracking educational resources can be done with barcode or RFID technology, helping to maximize their use and keeping school budgets in line and on target, exemplifying ID Made Better®.

How does an RFID tag asset tracking system benefit schools?

Using RFID tag asset tracking systems in schools allows for better tracking and reporting information about the assets being tracking. Utilizing this information schools are able to:

  • Reduce unnecessary equipment purchases
  • Track depreciation of equipment
  • Discourage theft of school property
  • Maintain accounting records in accordance with GASB 34

What are the best practices in RFID tag asset management?

Planning and implementing an effective school asset management program is essential to ensuring it will meet expectations. We've created two tools to help - our Ultimate Guide to Asset Tracking - and its supplemental piece the Ultimate Guide to Asset Tracking Checklist. Both tools contain valuable information and will walk you through the process of putting an effective asset management system together step by step showcasing best practices.

School asset tracking with RFID tags

A school asset tracking program using RFID tags provides the foundation for an effective automated asset management system. Benefits of RFID tags include:

  • Reduction in errors - typical manual data entry causes one error in 300 characters; RFID nearly eliminates errors
  • Time savings - due to RFID not requiring line of sight to read the RFID tag plus the ability to read many RFID tags at a time makes saving time one of the primary benefits of using RFID tags in an automated asset management system
  • Improved efficiencies - less time is spent on the data entry process and follow-up error resolution 
  • Overall cost saving - reducing errors, saving time and overall improved efficiencies lead to cost savings across the board


A great alternative to metal mount applications where a standoff will not work, Metalcraft’s RFID Server Rack Tag consists of an adhesive label that protects the encapsulated RFID inlay and a non-adhesive, folding tab that offsets the RFID inlay.

A versatile and affordable RFID tag made in the USA to fit a wide array of on-metal and standard applications, the Universal MC RFID Tag is available both preprinted and onsite printable to handle whatever asset tagging application you have.

Perfect for tracking returnable containers such as pallets, crates or totes, Metalcraft’s Standard RFID Tag attaches directly to non-metal assets.

The Universal Micro RFID Tag measuring 1 7/8” x 5/8” is a great solution to your identification projects that require a small RFID tag with great read range. With a tiny footprint and low profile, the Universal Micro RFID Tag easily fits where other tags are too big and obtrusive.

The only thing “mini” about this tag is its size! With a smaller footprint and lower profile, the Universal Mini RFID Tag easily fits where other tags may be too large and obtrusive and still gives incredible read ranges compared to other tags in its class.

The closest thing you will find to a one-size-fits-all” RFID solution! The Universal RFID Asset Tag is a surface-independent tag that uses a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain excellent read ranges regardless of the surface – metal, plastic, even wood.

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Universal RFID Tags

May 05, 2021

Metalcraft's RFID Tags Tops In Industry Reports Study

University of Texas at Arlington study confirms that Metalcraft's tags will perform reliably and accurately with better than average readability.

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What is RFID? A Basic Guide to Radio Frequency Identification

Integrated chip ... antenna ... substrate .... these are all parts of what makes up and RFID tag. Our guide explains these components as well as takes a look at the different types of RFID tags.

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Universal Micro RFID

Apr 09, 2021

Universal Micro RFID - Small Size, Big Read Range

At 1 7/8" x 5/8", the Universal Micro RFID Asset tag still achieves a robust 9 ft. of read range on metal while being small enough to fit in tight spaces.

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Education - RFID Case Studies

Yakima Valley College Clocktower Plaza

Scan the Campus with RFID


Yakima Valley College is a community college in Washington state spread over 5 different sites and 35 buildings across all sites. They needed a better way to track and manage over 7,500 assets. Prior to Grey Trunk, they were using a software system that could only track assets with barcodes. The barcodes were very small, so every asset had to be handled to scan the barcode during the audit, which took valuable time.

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TrackX Image

TrackX, Metalcraft team up to provide solution for leading US insurance company


TrackX is a leader in software as a service (SaaS) supply chain automation and business process optimization software leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Companies, like one leading National insurance company, turn to TrackX to streamline not only their audit and compliance but also their supply chain processes leveraging TrackX’s KeyChain software platform and RFID technology.

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Oversized Mini

Lessons In Asset Tracking

Hayes Software Systems Partners With Metalcraft To Provide Complete RFID Solution To Schools

The Opportunity

With a total enrollment of 4,500 K-12 students, the Tehachapi Unified School District is relatively small; however, they had a big problem on their hands. They needed a better way to identify and track the district’s nearly 5,000 IT assets.

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