Schools, especially college campuses, often have many assets spread across multiple facilities, with high-value technology frequently going back and forth between them. Tracking equipment and supplies is a challenge in any school, and record keeping can easily become a nightmare due to misplaced assets, forcing busy faculty and staff to waste precious time tracking down audio visual devices, laboratory equipment or other supplies. If the equipment can't be found, many schools stretch their already tight budgets to unnecessarily purchase or rent replacements.

Tracking educational resources can be done with barcode or RFID technology, helping to maximize their use and keeping school budgets in line and on target, exemplifying ID Made Better®.

A great alternative to metal mount applications where a standoff will not work, Metalcraft’s RFID Server Rack Tag consists of an adhesive label that protects the encapsulated RFID inlay and a non-adhesive, folding tab that offsets the RFID inlay.

A versatile and affordable RFID tag made in the USA to fit a wide array of on-metal and standard applications, the Universal MC RFID Tag is available both preprinted and onsite printable to handle whatever asset tagging application you have.

Perfect for tracking returnable containers such as pallets, crates or totes, Metalcraft’s Standard RFID Tag attaches directly to non-metal assets.

The Universal Micro RFID Tag measuring 1 7/8” x 5/8” is a great solution to your identification projects that require the smallest RFID tag with great read range.

If you are looking for a small RFID tag, the Universal Mini RFID Tag is the one for you! The Universal Mini RFID Tag may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch! Its compact design and slim profile make it ideal for spaces where larger tags would be cumbersome.


The closest thing you will find to a "one-size-fits-all” RFID solution!

How does an RFID tag asset tracking system benefit schools?

rfid tag on chromebook

Using RFID tag asset tracking systems in schools allows for better tracking and reporting information about the assets being tracked. Utilizing this information schools are able to:

  • Improve asset management - RFID technology can be used to track and manage assets such as laptops, projectors and other equipment. This helps schools keep track of their assets and ensure they are being used effectively.
  • Reduce asset loss and theft - with an RFID tag tracking system schools can reduce the risk of asset loss and theft. If an asset goes missing, the system can quickly identify where it was last located, making it easier to locate and recover lost or stolen items
  • Improve maintenance - RFID tags can also be used to track maintenance schedules for equipment and facilities. This helps schools proactively maintain their assets and avoid costly breakdowns and repairs
  • Allocate resources efficiently - with accurate data on asset usage and availability, schools can allocate resources more efficiently, i.e. they can identify underutilized assets and redistribute them where they are most needed.
  • Save time - using RFID technology to track assets is much faster and more accurate than manual tracking methods - saving school staff time while reducing the risk of human error

What are the best practices in RFID tag asset management?desk picture

Planning and implementing an effective school asset management program is essential to ensuring it will meet expectations. We've created two tools to help - our Ultimate Guide to Asset Tracking - and its supplemental piece the Ultimate Guide to Asset Tracking Checklist. Both tools contain valuable information and will walk you through the process of putting an effective asset management system together step by step showcasing best practices. Here are some best practices in RFID tag asset management.

  • Plan and design - the first step in RFID tag asset management is to plan and design the system
  • Tag placement - proper tag placement is critical to the success of an RFID asset management system. These tags should be placed in a location that is easily accessible, visible and free from interference
  • Reader placement - the placement of RFID readers is just as important as tag placement. The readers should be placed in areas where assets are moved or stored, and they should be positioned to ensure maximum coverage
  • Data collection - RFID tags can collect a wide range of data about the assets they are attached to. It's important to determine what data is important and how it will be used to manage the assets effectively
  • Data management - once data is collected, it needs to be managed effectively. This includes ensuring the data is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to authorized personnel
  • Maintenance - like any technology, RFID tags and readers require maintenance to ensure they are working properly. This includes regular cleaning, battery replacement, and software updates
  • Training - finally, it's important to train personnel on the proper use of RFID technology. This includes how to read the tags, how to troubleshoot problems, and how to use the data to manage assets effectively

School asset tracking with RFID tagsgrey trunk rfid

A school asset tracking program using RFID tags provides the foundation for an effective automated asset management system. Here are some tips:

  • Identify the assets - start by identifying the assets that need to be tracked. This could include computers, tablets, projectors and other valuable items
  • Choose RFID tags - there are several types of RFID tags available, but you'll want to choose tags that are durable and can withstand wear and tear. Metalcraft can help qualify the application and select the right RFID tag for your application. 
  • Install RFID readers - place RFID readers in strategic locations throughout the school, such as entryways, classrooms and storage rooms
  • Program the RFID tags - program each RFID tag with a unique identifier that corresponds to the asset it's attached to. This will enable the system to track each asset's location and movement
  • Attach the RFID tags - attach the RFID tags to each asset using adhesive or another suitable method. It's important to make sure the tag is securely attached so that it doesn't fall off or get lost
  • Use RFID asset tracking software - use software that's designed for school asset tracking to manage the data collected by the RFID system


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Asset management applications in education - includes real-world case studies for both barcode and RFID.

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