Plastic Tags

Colorful hanging plastic tags for asset tracking or for identification—either way, stunning

Discover the versatility of plastic tags in so many applications—from hang tags, parking passes and pallet tags to key fobs, wristbands and bale tags. Showcase your brand, track your assets and more with these options that are often reusable, extremely tough, attached using any type of fastener, using any technology (barcode and/or RFID) and (always) customizable. The options continually expand with Metalcraft’s engineering experts creating solutions for every identification challenge. That’s ID Made Better®.  

The Bale Tag is the ideal solution for tagging and tracking any type of bale. Whether it's for agricultural, cardboard, printing, recycling materials, fabrics or non-wovens, the Bale tag can easily be attached to any type of bale.

Produced with a digital printing process that provides photographic like image quality of detailed logos or special designs, our Name Badge/Credential Tags are the perfect solution when you want your image to leave a lasting impression.

A removable, reusable solution for a variety of applications, our Barcode Hang Tag may be used for cold storage, asset control, personnel identification, logistics, work-in-progress, warehousing applications and more.

Metalcraft's Key Fobs are the ideal identification solution for personnel applications where the tag can be secured to a key chain, etc.

The Rearview Mirror Tag is an optimal choice for access control in parking lots, gated communities and anywhere vehicles come and go. The logo and barcode are subsurface printed on thick polyester for durability and rigidity.

More effective and time-saving than traditional ticket systems, each wristband features a durable adhesive-closure. This adhesive-closure eliminates the ease of tampering and removal, which reduces revenue loss from reuse and pass-along.

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