Photo Anodized 5 Point Promise

Your guarantee you’re getting the best product for your application

Metalcraft’s Photo Anodized Metal and Foil products are best-sellers year after year and for good reason. These products are extremely durable and reliable, plus they are so versatile – effective both on the manufacturing floor and in an office or school setting. 

So how do we take a great product and make it even better? We took the best features of these products and highlighted them while adding peace of mind with a product guarantee – our Photo Anodized 5 Point Promise.  

Metalcraft’s Photo Anodized 5 Point Promise is this: Our customers get the our promise to our customers they are getting the absolute best product for their application, including:  and includes the following points: 

  1. Superior Durability: Metalcraft’s popular Photo Anodized Metal Nameplates and Foil Labels combine limitless options with that are dependable and readable under harsh conditions. 

  1. Next Day Program: Order today and, ship tomorrow at no additional charge. 

  1. Easy Replacements: Why pay for an entire order when you only need a few replacements? Metalcraft now offers this service for one low flat fee. 

  1. Number History: Can’t remember where your number sequence ended? We do! Metalcraft offers instant number recall to pick up exactly where your last order left off. 

  1. The Metalcraft Guarantee: Add the intensified option to any Photo Anodized product and we guarantee the barcode will be readable for the life of the asset or we will replace it at no charge! 

For one of our premier products, we offer additional reasons to be your premier partner for all your ID needs, and that’s ID Made Better®. 

Foil Bar Code Labels are ideal for customers who require a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces, yet will withstand chemicals, abrasion, solvents, and high temperatures.

PHA 5 Point Promise Resources

Taking UID beyond compliance

Many people familiar with the UID mandate from the Department of Defense understand compliance with this mandate is very important. However, what people may not realize is that so much more can be accomplished with this information other than just becoming UID compliant. Unique Item Identification is the foundation for larger policy goals aimed at improving logistical readiness across DoD such as Serialized Item Management (SIM) and Joint Total Asset Visibility (JTAV).

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Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. We developed the tabbed nameplates for our Metal Barcode Nameplates and have since added the tabbed option to our "AUTOGRAPHS" Nameplates as well with a simple premise - to make it easier for our customers to remove the liner from the nameplate without touching the adhesive.

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Asset Management and Retro-reflectivity Requirement Compliance

On December 21, 2007, the U.S. Department of Transportation published a final rule explaining the Federal Highway Administrations (FHWA) requirements for maintaining traffic sign retroreflectivity.

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Case Study: H2O Concepts improves customer experience with long-lasting metal plates

H2O Concepts focuses on providing residential and business owners with top-of-the-line water conditioning and treatment systems.

The company turned to Metalcraft to identify a solution for tagging their water treatment systems.

The Challenge

With the most certified green system on the market and a 10-year warranty to back it up, H2O Concepts needs all aspects of their product to be durable.

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