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Since 1988, Bar|Scan® has been an affordable turnkey inventory and property asset management suite using Mobile Computer and Phone technology for data collection with Wi-Fi and email connectivity.

Bar|Scan® has a menu driven SQL based report generator and menu driven, ODBC capable, import and export feature built in. There is no need to customize software or scripts to meet your expectations.  Connect to any repository using ODBC or batch XML, CSV, Excel, or ASCII.

Bar|Scan® is multi-user and multi-database capable and can run on platforms from laptops to servers as well as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.  Modules include Work Order, Accounting with full depreciation and history, User Defined Fields, and Imaging.  Bar|Scan® has a complete audit trail and extensive password control built right in.

We provide a complete solution including software, handheld hardware, bar code labels, training, and support.  We have worldwide installations and are a Certified SBE.


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CG4 Asset Tracking has been helping customers track their fixed assets for more than 20 years. CG4 offers an off-the-shelf solution, not a development package. We offer solutions for  receiving, inventory, audits, checkouts, issuing, retiring and other daily asset tracking chores.

CG4 Asset Tracking integrates seamlessly into many industry standard back end systems including: ServiceNow, Cherwell, Oracle Peoplesoft and Micro Focus. CG4 offers real-time/online and batch/offline methods of making updates to asset records. This allows you to match the proper device and mode of operation with each functional group of technicians.

Our software solution is completely customizable. We pride ourselves in providing everything you need for tracking assets, including software, hardware, tech support, barcodes, RFID tags and advice for deploying. The CG4 Asset Tracking staff is committed to helping you succeed with your asset tracking initiative. Whatever you need, we've got you covered from start to finish.


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Grey Trunk RFID is a cloud-based asset tracking system. This gives you the power to view and manage your assets from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud-based asset-tracking reduces the upfront hardware costs that are needed to store your data on-premise. A cloud-based system also eliminates the hassle for you and your IT team to manage and update that hardware.


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inLogic is a leading provider of RFID asset tracking software that saves time, reduces operating costs, and improves fixed asset visibility. Key benefits of our RFTrack software platform: 

  • Automates fixed asset physical inventories
  • Tracks the movement of assets in real-time
  • Locates assets

RFTrack is designed to integrate with your existing Asset Management, Fixed Asset Accounting and other back-end systems. We provide turnkey solutions including software, readers, tags, and implementation services. Whether you want to automate your annual fixed asset physical inventory or improve the visibility of your assets, our software can handle your business needs.

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