Case Studies

Global leader uses RFID to improve processes Global Leader Uses RFID To Improve Manufacturing Process RFID tags
Casey's How Casey's Convenience Stores Improved Their Distribution Using Durable Labels on Returnable Containers See How Casey's Revolutionized Its Distribution System With Metalcraft Asset Labels durable bar code tags
Traffic signs Traffic Sign Management 101 Bar Code Asset Tags help college town manage sign inventory tabbed bar code nameplates, traffic sign mandate
IT equipment Tracking Traveling IT Bar codes help consultants manage global IT inventory, budget IT assets, polymer labels
Dental equipment Dental Students Stay Clean With Bar Code Tracking Tufts University relies on Metalcraft nameplates to serve 600 patients daily Teflon, asset tracking
wine barrels Barcoding Barrels helps wineries capture, keep information Raymond Vineyards' barrel tracking reinforces winemaking tradition
Street signs Scanning For Signs Barcodes help Arizona city manage safety, growth Foil bar code tags, asset tags
Metal asset tags Sales Moored with Product ID Labels Slidemoor sticks with Metalcraft nameplates to tie down more boat owners metal asset tags
Train asset tag Better Braking With Bar Codes New York Air Brake depends on Metalcraft nameplates to serve global railway customers metal asset tags
Traffic sign mandate Keeping Tabs On Traffic Signs tabbed bar code nameplates, traffic sign mandate
Keg ID KegID Please AnotherRound Apps' keg tracking solution brings low-cost accountability to distribution Metal nameplates
Lens rentals Asset Tags Keep Inventory In Focus uses Metalcraft's smallest labels to track the nation's largest rental inventory asset tracking
snow Sustaining Ski Resorts with Efficient Snowmaking QR code tag protects patents, improves service photo anodized metal nameplates
Signs Signs of Success LaSalle County Highway Department - Ottawa, IL deploys barcode system to track their sign inventory photo anodized metal nameplates
Car inventory RFID Fetches Cars, Shreds Paper Alli-Solutions delivers paperless, real-time tracking of automotive inventory RFID tags, car inventory tracking
Medical equipment RFID Asset Tags from IT to IVs Texas Tech Health Sciences Center uses RFID to manage over 1,500 medical assets RFID tags
art museum Finding RFID Means No Lost Art for Dealers, Collectors Art tracking solution depends on Metalcraft RFID labels to help manage art collections around the world art museum, asset tracking
Car manufacturing Automotive Supply Chain Moves Better with RFID Packaging "RFID tags, auto manufacturing
Trade show RFID At Trade Shows Radio Frequency Identification technology helps event managers and exhibitors deliver better events trade show
Garbage Preventing Extra Waste at the Gate Westminster, Massachusetts uses RFID to manage gate access to waste transfer station
Security gate RFID Tracking Tags Used by Egyptian Security Gates Windshield Radio Frequency Identification controls vehicle access
Car wash RFID Labels at the Car Wash Durable windshield tags speed Cruz Thru Express Carwash service
Gated community RFID in a Gated Community Radio Frequency Identification technology helps gated communities control access RFID tags, gated community