From schools and hospitals to the film industry and government contractors, there are literally an infinite number of different applications for Metalcraft identification products. What better way to illustrate these applications then to hear about them from the customers’ point of view? Case studies are a great way to tell our story. Starting with the background or history with the company, to describing the challenge, developing a solution and seeing the results, it’s clear how Metalcraft barcode label and RFID tags play a key role in our customers’ success.

Case studies are really the human side of asset tracking and can be both educational and entertaining. Helping our customers succeed for over 70 years – that’s ID Made Better®.

In this section you will find:
  • Potential ideas for tracking applications
  • Examples of identification products used in a wide variety of industries
  • Different ways Metalcraft collaborated with customers to solve their asset tracking problems
  • Real life return on investment (ROI) examples
  • Making Asset Tracking More "Convenient"

    Metalcraft partners with Maverik for asset tracking solution
  • Seeing the light

    Metalcraft and R90 Lighting partner to create effective inventory tracking system.
  • Not Just Another Pretty Label

    Alum-a-Pole and Metalcraft develop great looking yet functional label.
  • Handmade Social Media

    Studio Fiveighteen teams with Metalcraft to reimagine "social media"
  • Teaming Up With Barcode

    Team Industries and barcoded labels from Metalcraft provide traceability throughout product lifecycle.
  • Inventory Control With Durable Identity

    Metal barcode nameplates aid asset tracking for restoration company.
  • Picture This

    Metalcraft's durable polyester tags help company keep high-end video and photography equipment in focus
  • Diagnosis: Effective Asset Tracking

    With more than 20,000 assets to track, Monument Health needed a durable tag with maximum adhesion that would work on a variety of surfaces.
  • Strengthening the Bond

    Metalcraft's durable products and reliable service at core of UnderCover partnership
  • No Pressure For These Tags

    A US supplier of spray equipment needed tags that needed to withstand the weather and Metalcraft's Intensified Metal Barcode Nameplates were up to the challenge.
  • Protecting Pallets

    When customers wanted to make their systems smarter by incorporating RFID technology, TriEnda teamed up with Metalcraft to offer RFID as a standard product, making it easier to track returnable containers.
  • Case Study: H2O Concepts improves customer experience with long-lasting metal plates

    When a company offers a 10-year warranty, they need all aspects of the product to be durable, including the id tag. Metalcraft's Metal Nameplate, which won't fade in the sun, gave them just what they needed.