Access Control

Specializing in solutions for permission to access…most anything!

When security and monitoring access are paramount, Metalcraft has the right solution for your access control needs. Depending on your application, we have a wide range of RFID and non-RFID solutions—from windshield tags, key fobs and wristbands to tamper evident labels, parking hang tags and DuraDestruct RFID tags, our durable materials and design allow for more security, and can even collect payment. Controlling vehicle access, one of our most used access control applications, can be a challenge. Eliminate the need for staff to stop for a card reader with our windshield tags, for example. Our easy-to-use, versatile access control products impact your positive ROI. Now, that’s ID Made Better®.  

Our Name Badge/Credential Tags are produced with a digital printing process that provides photographic-like quality.

Metalcraft's Key Fobs are the ideal solution for personnel applications where the tag can be secured to a key chain.

Metalcraft's Windshield Tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations.

The Rearview Mirror Tag is a stellar choice for access control in parking lots, gated communities and anywhere vehicles go.

More effective than traditional ticket systems, each wristband features a durable adhesive-closure.

Metalcraft's Destructible Windshield Tags destruct upon removal from a windshield.

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