When it comes to asset management, choosing the right asset tags is crucial for accurate tracking and efficient organization. Metal asset tags offer many advantages that make them a superior choice. First and foremost, aluminum asset tags are incredibly durable and resistant to harsh environments, ensuring that your valuable assets remain identifiable and traceable even in challenging conditions. Their robust construction guarantees longevity, preventing fading, tearing, or deterioration over time. Moreover, metal asset tags offer excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. 

With their professional appearance and high-quality finishes, metal asset tags also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your assets, giving them a sophisticated and polished look. Whether you need to track equipment, tools, or valuable items, opting for metal asset tags ensures durability, security, and longevity, making them an ideal choice for effective asset management.

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Crystal clarity with photographically reproduced barcodes and logos, these are ideal for customers who require permanent nameplates in harsh environments.

Resisting paint, graffiti, grease and temps up to 350 degrees, these unique labels stand up to moderate to harsh environments.

Beat the heat with our durable photo anodized aluminum tags that can take up to 1200 degrees and still maintain tracking and tracing.

Add color to your metal nameplate for branding impact that makes you shine, with highly durable impact.

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In this video, we're putting out photo-anodized metal tags to the test.

How does the heat resistance compare between our photo-anodized metal tags and our premium polyester tags? Find out by watching this video!

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In this video, we're putting out photo-anodized metal tags to the test.

How does the heat resistance compare between our photo-anodized metal tags and our premium polyester tags? Find out by watching this video!

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At Metalcraft, we offer a wide variety of metal and foil tags. How durable are our metal/foil tags? Watch this video to learn more.

For years we've been saying that our best-selling Tabbed Metal Barcode Nameplates save customers time when applying due to their convenient break-away tab.

In this video, two of our member-owners put that statement to the test with a timed 60-second comparison to our standard nameplate tags!

We've officially retired our "AUTOGRAPHs" Printed Nameplates, the product that started it all.

The good news is that it's being replaced with something even better, the Signature™ Printed Nameplate.

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    Durable Tags Never "Trail" the Competition

    Signature Nameplates lead to strong product identification solution for trailer manufacturers

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What are Metal Asset Tags?

Metal asset tags are identification tags typically made from aluminum or stainless steel that display information for easy identification of the object they are attached to. Metal inventory tags or asset tags are durable barcode labels that typically show serial number information, barcodes and text-based information that is either printed, embossed or chemically etched onto the surface of the tag. Metal tags are often used on equipment or assets that are used in caustic environments, have significant outdoor exposure or are attached to assets susceptible to abrasion.

What are Photo Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags?

Metalcraft's Metal Barcode Tags & Foil Asset Tags, along with many of our other durable barcode label products are photo anodized. The robustness of the image is due to its encapsulation within the anodized aluminum, which offers protection against corrosion, sunlight, wear and tear, temperature fluctuations, and chemical reactions.

The distinctive photo imaging process generates high-definition graphics and precise variable data - including machine-readable barcodes and sequential data. Photo anodized aluminum labels are ideal for applications that need durability, high resolution, and variable data. These labels are a great choice for projects that require a combination of these features.

What Advantages Does Metal Tags Have Over Polyester Tags?

Metal barcode asset tags generally outperform plastic or polyester tags in situations involving harsh chemicals, high UV/outdoor weather exposure, high temperatures, or where resistance to abrasion and scratches is crucial.

Photo anodized metal inventory tags are durable and can withstand tough conditions. Photo anodized metal inventory tags are strong and can handle harsh conditions. The barcode, serial number, text, and other important data are embedded into the tag's anodic layer. This ensures that the black image will not fade or wear off easily.

Metal asset tags can either be mechanically attached to an object or stuck on with durable pressure-sensitive adhesive. These features make tags easy to read and long-lasting. They have clear details that help quickly identify your property over time.

How are Aluminum Asset Tags used?

Aluminum asset tags are a popular choice for businesses looking to streamline their asset tracking and management processes. These durable tags are able to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting identification for a wide range of assets, from equipment and machinery to tools and vehicles.

By using aluminum asset tags, organizations can easily keep track of their assets, monitor their location and status, and ensure that they are properly maintained and accounted for. This can help prevent loss or theft of valuable assets, improve inventory management, and increase overall efficiency in operations.

Aluminum asset tags are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, transportation, and utilities, where the tracking and management of assets is crucial for maintaining productivity and profitability. With their ability to resist corrosion, fading, and tampering, aluminum asset tags offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their asset management practices.

These strong metal tags have important information like asset numbers, barcodes, or QR codes. This helps to give each asset its own special identification." They are securely attached to assets using adhesive backing, rivets, or screws, ensuring visibility and accessibility for easy identification.

These tags enable organizations to maintain accurate records of asset location, condition, and maintenance history, streamlining inventory control and preventive maintenance. By implementing aluminum asset tags and integrating them with asset management systems, businesses can enhance accountability, reduce loss or theft, optimize asset utilization, and improve overall operational efficiency.