Continually innovating their top-selling metal asset tag solutions, Metalcraft offers the most successful solutions for metal products up against the toughest jobs--surviving hurricanes, caustic baths, temperatures over 1000 degrees and much more.

Our metal products can take the heat. Throw any tracking and tracing challenge our way and not only do we have that product, we also customize new ones for your unique needs. Our engineering experts use the greatest tech, or invent it, to solve your asset tracking challenges.

Stump us! We can’t wait to partner with you to develop your next game-changing solution. Combined with our qualification process, industry leading lead times and rush program, your next metal product from Metalcraft will surely amplify our promise to you: ID Made Better.

Metal Asset Tags

Durable, Versatile, Reliable.

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Crystal clarity with photographically reproduced barcodes and logos, these are ideal for customers who require permanent nameplates in harsh environments.

Resisting paint, graffiti, grease and temps up to 350 degrees, these unique labels stand up to moderate to harsh environments.

Beat the heat with our durable photo anodized aluminum tags that can take up to 1200 degrees and still maintain tracking and tracing.

Add color to your metal nameplate for branding impact that makes you shine, with highly durable impact.

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Barcode Labels Fit the Bill

Barcodes are not going away anytime soon. Even with the newer, flashier technologies available there is still a huge need for all things barcode. Check out our latest blog for more information.

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UID tags

UID Labels and Labeling Simplified

UID is a required asset identification program set up by the US Defense Department (DoD). Metalcraft has helped customers with their UID compliance for nearly two decades.

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The QuickTab Tag Dispenser is a great tool for quickly applying asset tags. Watch to see how to best hold the dispenser so application is as efficient as possible.

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    Making Asset Tracking More "Convenient"


    Road weary travelers rely on convenience stores for refreshing drinks or snacks while fueling up for the next leg of their trip. And business is booming, according to with over 160 million daily transactions and $705.7 billion in sales for 2021. Therefore, it's essential to keep operations running smoothly for stores like Maverik, a Salt Lake City, UT-based convenience store chain.

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What are Metal Asset Tags?

Metal asset tags are identification tags typically made from aluminum or stainless steel that display information for easy identification of the object they are attached to. Metal asset labels typically show serial number information, barcodes and text-based information that is either printed, embossed or chemically etched onto the surface of the tag. Metal tags are often used on equipment or assets that are used in caustic environments, have significant outdoor exposure or are attached to assets susceptible to abrasion.

What are Photo Anodized Aluminum Labels?

Metalcraft's Metal Barcode Tags & Foil Asset Tags, along with many of our other durable metal label products are photo anodized. The durability comes from its image – which is sealed inside of the anodized aluminum, providing corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, temperature and chemical resistance. The unique photographic imaging process creates high resolution graphics and clear variable information – including machine-readable barcodes and serialized data. For applications where permanence, resolution, variable data or a combination of those characteristics is required, photo anodized aluminum labels are a perfect fit.

What Advantages Does Metal Tags Have Over Polyester Tags?

Metal tags primarily perform better than plastic or polyester tags in applications where harsh chemicals,high UV / outdoor weather exposure, high temperatures or where abrasion and scratch resistance are important. With photo anodized metal asset tags, the aluminum will stand up against tough conditions, and the barcode and associated serial number, text, and other vital pieces of data are photo-composed into the anodic layer of the tag making fade and wear of the black image almost impossible. Metal tags

also have the option of being mechanically fastened to an item or adhered with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. These features provide excellent tag readability and longevity, ensuring crisp detail on the label to ensure your property can be quickly and easily identified for years.