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Inlay Innovation: New Custom Inlay Brand from Metalcraft

We specialize in offering a complete RFID solution to our customers. That is why we are proud to add our industry-leading RFID customization capabilities to our ability to design, develop and manufacture custom RFID inlays. That’s good news since the inlay is the most critical part of an RFID tag. We are introducing our new brand, Inlay Innovation. 

With Inlay Innovation, Metalcraft now offers a custom 360° approach to RFID construction. We design everything but the chip in-house, ensuring that every component of your RFID tag fits together perfectly. And being chip agnostic, our custom designs can fit any chip that you need. 

We understand how everything fits together, from the big picture to the fine details. That is how we can create custom inlays tailored to your application, offering enhanced tag performance and efficiency. We can find that “one in a million” custom design, often in less time than other companies would take to find you a good stock design.

Inlay Innovation Services and Capabilities Include:

  • Shear testing the bond strength of the conductive adhesive of the chip and antenna
  • Temperature exposure tests
  • Inlay design services
  • Contract converting services
  • Prototyping
RFID onsite printable mini

The only thing “mini” about this tag is its size! With a smaller footprint and lower profile, the Onsite Printable Universal Mini RFID Tag easily fits where other tags may be too large and obtrusive and still gives incredible read ranges compared to other tags in its class.

universal eco mini

Want more? More performance, more savings, and more sustainability? Then you want Metalcraft’s new Universal Eco-Mini RFID Tag!

universal eco mini plus rfid tag

Want more? More performance, more savings, and more sustainability? Then you want Metalcraft’s new Universal Eco-Mini Plus RFID Tag!

Why Inlay Innovation Could Be Right for You

  • Partner with us to save time, money - for some RFID applications, constructing a custom inlay is a cost-effective way to optimize your RFID tags and achieve the desired outcome of your RFID application. Custom inlays save time and capital by combining the engineering phase of tag construction with the design phase. By partnering with the RFID experts at Inlay Innovation, you can expect to go from tag design to final production in 12 months.
  • Differentiate from the competition - custom inlays allow customers to better differentiate their products by offering a truly unique product and creating a more sustainable supply chain.
  • 360° RFID solution provider - beyond custom designs, we are committed to being your full-service RFID partner. Our identification experts will help you every step of the way, from the initial design of your tag through the manufacturing process.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA - we offer US-based designs and manufacturing with a sustainable supply chain that will not disrupt you or your customers. From prototypes to production runs, Metalcraft can confidently meet customers' RFID identification challenges

High Tech with a Personal Touch

Inlay Innovation offers world-class inlay manufacturing and testing capabilities, as well as the technical expertise that rivals those of any larger organization in the RFID industry. But we offer something those larger companies don't - service with a personal touch. We genuinely listen to our customers and are invested in their successes - which shows in our excitement as we continually communicate through every project and make it easy to do business with us. Our inlay design consultants work with you, reviewing specifications and defining objectives to develop custom inlay designs for specific applications. We delight in giving customers the flexibility, ease of use and technical solutions they need to meet ID demands not only today but into the future. This level of service and support is there for you always, genuinely defining ID Made Better®.

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