Durable Tags Never "Trail" the Competition

Durable Tags Never Trail the Competition Case Study Image


In the competitive landscape of the trailer manufacturing industry, effective product identification is crucial for brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. Traditionally, manufacturers relied on various methods such as stickers, decals or engraved plates for product labeling. However, these methods often posed challenges such as durability, readability, and resistance to environmental factors. Recognizing these limitations, many trailer manufacturers sought innovative solutions to improve product identification.


One major trailer manufacturer encountered several challenges related to product identification. Durability was a big challenge because conventional labels or decals were prone to fading, peeling or other damage due to environmental exposure to wear and tear. Readability was also an issue due to poor print quality or degradation over time, making it difficult to read vital product information. Lastly, brand image suffered due to inadequate product labeling, negatively affecting brand perception and customer confidence.


They turned to Metalcraft for assistance. The Mason City, IA-based company has been providing identification solutions to companies since 1950 and has a reputation for high-performing, durable products. After reviewing their product portfolio, the trailer manufacturer decided on "AUTOGRAPH" Color Designed Nameplate, a screen-printed aluminum product, to showcase their logo and graphics.

Metalcraft recently converted  their existing screen-printed nameplates to the new digitally printed version and the results have been outstanding. The new Signature Nameplate is better looking than the previous version because the printing is even more crisp and clean. This is important to the trailer manufacturer because they want to maintain the reputation of quality for which the company is known.


The adoption of metal nameplates yielded significant benefits for the trailer manufacturer. The new nameplates have enhanced durability - providing superior resistance to chemicals and weathering - ensuring long-term legibility and product identification. Customized nameplates provide improved brand recognition while clear and permanent marking facilitates compliance and industry regulations and standard, ensuring adherence to safety and labeling requirements.

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