At Metalcraft we believe in recognizing our members for their work both on the job and in the communities they live in as part of our values-based culture. The Patton Award and PRIDE Award are just two of the ways we acknowledge and thank our members for a job well done.

Patton Award

Named in honor of Metalcraft's founder, Allen Patton, the Patton Award recognizes Metalcraft members who exceptionally demonstrate the company's core values throughout the year.

2020 Recipient - Cassidy Albertson

Cassidy had one innovation idea, submitted two PRIDE nominations, and had 10 service hours. Cassidy’s service hours included:

  1. Cleaning up the softball and baseball diamonds
  2. Coaching T-ball 
  3. Umpiring for men’s softball league

Cassidy enjoys working to improve the lives of Metalcraft members! His most rewarding days are days that he comes up with a solution or solutions that help members work better, faster, smarter and easier! He has always enjoyed solving problems with technology, and Metalcraft gives him the opportunity to do what he enjoys for people that care deeply about the environment they work in. Cassidy is very excited to expand these efforts co-leading the Innovation Implementation Team.

Cassidy is a member of the IT Team, which is an internal support team. It makes him unique to know his strengths and skills are being utilized to make the company and our members the best at what they do. On any given day Cassidy has the privilege and gets to work on issues, and extend help, for members from the production floor to art setup to sales and finance. It is unique that he can help such a wide range of skills, preferences, and personalities in the short time that he has been here.

Cassidy Albertson

2019 Recipient - Colynn Black

Colynn's citizenship and volunteering has been tremendous in just the 2½ years he has been in North Iowa:

  • Shortly after moving to Clear Lake, Colynn began teaching religious education classes, weekly, to 9th graders at St. Pat’s. It has been rewarding to Colynn to see the impact this has on them and in particular their faith. Ironically, his father has been teaching religious education for over 20 years.
  • He is very active as a 3rd-degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus. Through this organization he has been involved with Habitat for Humanity house building, a home in Garner for a family in need; free throw competition; organizing breakfast meals
  • In addition to his countless service hours, he is great at recognizing others, submitting two PRIDE award nominations and also extending his thought process by submitting an Innovation idea
  • He also attended University Metalcraft
  • He is the consummate optimist and professional, always with a smile on his face and exuding optimism and confidence
  • He has developed a hugely deep passion for his work and Metalcraft, a major reason he has made his home in North Iowa
Colynn Black Patton Award


Metalcraft's PRIDE Award honors an employee each quarter who has been Personally Responsible In Delivering Excellence. Members are nominated by fellow member-owners and selected by the Metalcraft Recognition Team.

2021 Q1 Recipient - Dustin Pixley

Dustin has been a great member since the day he started and is willing to drop what he is doing and help in any situation.

Whether it is getting that roll you need, shipping, or Epicor questions, he does all this with a smile and a great attitude!

Recently, he did an amazing job taking over shipping while Linda was out. Furthermore, he adjusts his schedule, coming in early or staying late to ensure shipping and material handling duties are completed.

He is also enrolled in University of Metalcraft, volunteers on the Safety Committee, and serves on the Innovation Implementation Team. His efforts exemplify a devotion to and PRIDE for Team Metalcraft.

He even sports a glorious red beard to demonstrate his Metalcraft pride!

Dustin Pixley

2021 Q2 Recipient - Gary Downs

I am nominating Gary Downs for his relentless effort to ensure the RFID team delivers the highest quality in their products day in and day out. Aside from his unmatched dedication in hours put forth for the company, Gary brings so much more than his converting skills to the table. Whether there are technical questions involving specific project tooling or process operation strategies to consider, Gary is truly a one-stop shop for it all.

Gary takes pride in his work and is always looking out for Frank.  During the last quarter Gary has stepped up and put in tons of overtime to make up for the open convertor positions on 2nd shift.  He has been on vacation most Fridays, but continued to come in on Saturday and early during the week to help keep up with the demands of RFID jobs.

Everyone in the department appreciates how he goes above and beyond for his co-workers, as well as the customer. I don't know anyone here that deserves to be recognized for this award more for what he has already accomplished and for   what he does on a daily basis. He is not only a VERY valuable RFID member he is also a very valuable Metalcraft member.

Gary Downs

2021 Q3 Recipient - Lynette Whitehurst

I would like to nominate Lynette for her selflessness and dedication to the Metalcraft team. Lynette never treats an interruption as an inconvenience even when it might be, cheerfully taking time to assist members with time off, clocking, benefits, and payroll issues, questions and requests no matter what deadline she's working on. If it's important to a member, it's important to Lynette.

This quarter has been especially challenging with new payroll and benefits systems and processes and lots of new members coming on board. She has put in many extra hours to ensure every member gets paid accurately and on time and doing so with a sunny disposition and a smile. Lynette is a great example of what the PRIDE award is all about.

Lynette Whitehurst

Metalcraft Recognition

Honoring our team members for efforts on the job and in the community