Sales moored with product ID labels



Boat ownership is a considerable responsibility, and owners’ maintenance and storage challenges have not changed  much through the years. In particular, docking anyplace with rocking waves or tidal variations in water depth can prove challenging.

More than a decade ago, Tom Parsons invented SlideMoor – a fastening device that allows boat owners to avoid all other lines, bumpers and related equipment to keep a boat at dockside, regardless of tides and wave action. SlideMoor is  designed to increase the speed, safety and security of a boat by preventing damaging movement caused by wind or surge.

“SlideMoor essentially turns a boat into a floating dock,” said Parsons. “The product is beyond categorization, and many people who hear about it don’t believe SlideMoor does what it is designed to do.”

Parsons patented his creation and began production in Florida. As part of his marketing plan and as a means of protecting his patent, he needed to clearly identify the company and the patent number on each installed SlideMoor.


SlideMoors are designed to withstand the corrosive forces of saltwater docks for years, and Parson needed a product identification solution that would deliver the same performance. Metalcraft – an Iowa-based manufacturer specializing in durable nameplates and labels – was recommended for their photo-anodized aluminum nameplate.

The Metalcraft nameplate uses an intensified photo imaging process to provide maximum graphic detail sealed within the aluminum for reliable reading over years of exposure to salt, sand and other forces. Moreover, the nameplate’s adhesive forms a bond to a SlideMoor’s steel body that is nearly impossible to destroy.


Parsons applies a nameplate to each side of his product for maximum visibility and is pleased with their longevity.

“I have a customer in Bermuda who’s been hit by five hurricanes in seven years,” said Parsons. “One storm destroyed most of his property and all but one of his SlideMoors, and my Web address on the Metalcraft nameplate was his path to placing his replacement order.”

Parsons says there are Metalcraft nameplates on original, 12-year-old SlideMoors that still look good, and the URL on the SlideMoor nameplates is responsible for at least 10 percent of sales.

“Neighbors watch my customers use the SlideMoor and then read the label,” said Parsons. “A product people can see tested generates great word of mouth.”

He remains hungry to convince more people to try SlideMoor. 

“We’re trying to change what it means to tie a boat,” says Parsons. “Changing the boating world takes time.”

SlideMoor customers and Metalcraft’s labels are helping him, one boat at a time.

For more information about using Metalcraft tags for your application, visit or call 800-437-5283 or 641-423-9460.