Valley Chrome Improves Work In Process Using Universal Micro RFID Tag


Valley Chrome Plating in Clovis, California is a leading manufacturer of chrome plated aftermarket diesel truck parts like bumpers, cab panels, visors and other various decorative chrome items that go on semi-trucks.


Producing over 300 bumpers a day at their facility, the management and coordination of the production process in a timely manner was becoming a challenge using their current system. 

Relying on handheld barcode scanners and employees to remember to scan every part had become unreliable, causing dozens of man hours every day to be spent chasing down parts or figuring out where a specific part was in the production process.

What was identified was needed was to better automate the process, remove the human error element of the equation and find a solution that could perform well in their manufacturing environment.




Valley Chrome Plating became aware that Metalcraft’s Universal RFID tags, a patented line of durable RFID tags designed work on any surface but specifically geared toward on-metal RFID applications. 

Valley Chrome case study
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After consultation with Metalcraft and testing in their environment the Universal Micro was selected as the RFID tag of choice because of its performance, durability and cost-effectiveness compared to other RFID tags on the market.

The implementation of fixed RFID readers has also improved the automation of their processes and helped remove the inconsistency of employees in trying to remember to scan with the handheld barcode readers for every part.


Implementing RFID tags into Valley Chrome Plating’s process has been a huge success. Cutting wasted time, improving efficiency of their processes and automating redundant tasks so employees can focus on more important duties have all been seen as improvements.

According to Kevin Lucas, I.T. Manager at Valley Chrome Plating, “Metalcraft’s RFID tags have been a game-changer for us. They've really improved our tracking of products and manufacturing process and made things much smoother around here.”

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