Speeding Up The Toll Process


Metalcraft, OGTech partner to improve access to gated community


The Cairo Metropolitan area, with a population more than 21 million, is the largest metropolitan area in the Arab world, second largest in Africa and sixth largest in the world. This dense population causes housing congestion within the capital city, an issue the local government looked to address by expanding residence to the outer suburbs and building new cities to better handle the congestion.

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Moving to the surrounding communities created an additional burden for residents needing to commute daily to their jobs in the city and pay tolls on their way to and from work.


Looking to find a better solution, Wataneya, Egypt’s National Company of Road Construction, Development and Management, turned to OG-Tech, a leading systems integrator and RFID pioneer in the Middle East and Gulf area, to implement a reduced-price membership for these commuters.

Wataneya and OG Tech needed 400,000 RFID Tags for the project so they brought in Metalcraft, OG Tech’s RFID tag partner, to complete the job.


Wataneya had three primary objectives to address when it came to selecting the RFID tags – quality, price, and delivery speed. Metalcraft’s tags more than fulfilled those three aspects. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that the tags do not need any special storage requirements and their life expectancy of 10 to 15 years is nearly a lifetime expiry.

The tags performed very well during the demo and testing stages – meeting the technical standards required of the project. The pricing was in line with the quality needed to the point where Metalcraft’s tags replaced the previous supplier – a clear statement of the client’s satisfaction. In addition, Metalcraft shortened the delivery time to meet the expected date for the first batch of tags.


The new system doesn’t require community members to go through the tedious steps of getting their money out, giving it to the collector, waiting for the ticket and driving through the toll station. Rather, because of their automation RFID technology provides, commuters simply drive through the gate where the RFID readers pick up the tag affixed to the windshield allowing them quickly through and virtually eliminating wait time.

Non-residents also benefit from the new system because fewer people slowing the process down increases the overall traffic flow improving efficiency and effectiveness.

These results came as no surprise to OG Tech. “We’ve dealt with Metalcraft a lot and they have always proved trustworthy, reliable and very responsive whether for product needs or technical support,” said a member of OG Tech’s sales department. “With the superlative quality they delivered to Wataneya and the magnificent results of the project we are sure Wataneya will proceed with more orders for their upcoming projects around the country.”

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