Data Management

For more than 70 years Metalcraft has got your number.

At our core Metalcraft is now and will always be a number-centric company. That's because we understand it's not just about the number, but rather what the number

data management
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represents in terms of information about the object on which it is placed. That number can literally be the missing link to a very expensive tracking system, or it could even be the reason a production line comes to a screeching halt. Entire shipments could be held up because of that missing number.

That is why we pride ourselves on our data management capabilities. Whether it's human readable serial numbers, barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID), you can "count" on us. Data Management - just another way Metalcraft is ID Made Better®. 

  • Serialization Engine - our latest powerful tool that not only tracks customers' serial number history, but ensures no duplicates. Customers never have to worry about where they left off and where their next order begins
  • RFID Association Lists - we provide customers with a file for every RFID order containing each tag's unique tag identification number (TID), EPC number and whatever programming the customer requested for the individual tags, thereby ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • UID Validation Reports - we provide a file to customers showing proper UID concatenation that they can then upload into their own software.
  • Barcode Verification Reports - what good is a barcode if it doesn't scan? That's why we verify our barcodes according to ANSI standards and send the report to customers with their order for the additional peace of mind

Want more? More performance, more savings, and more sustainability? Then you want Metalcraft’s new Universal Eco-Mini RFID Tag!

Want more? More performance, more savings, and more sustainability? Then you want Metalcraft’s new  Universal Eco-Mini Plus RFID Tag!

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Data Management Case Studies

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No Pressure For These Tags

A US supplier of spray equipment needed tags that needed to withstand the weather and Metalcraft's Intensified Metal Barcode Nameplates were up to the challenge.

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