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It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not referring to what's happening on the basketball courts (although technically one could consider basketballs assets). Instead, I’m talking about the time of year to take time and reflect and appreciate your company’s efforts in asset tracking.

Whether organizations own, lease, or manufacture space shuttles, IT equipment, fleet vehicles, biological samples, or spare parts, good asset management practices not only provide value but are essential to running a successful business.

And that is why Asset Management Awareness should be recognized and celebrated. Now, I know we just celebrated a significant milestone last November with our 70th anniversary, but this month calls for an industry-wide celebration as March is commonly referred to as Asset Management Awareness Month.

Asset Management Awareness Month and Asset Tracking

What exactly is Asset Management Awareness Month? What does it mean? In 2015 the National Property Management Association (NPMA) founded Asset Management Awareness month to better inform organizations of resources and tools to help companies better maximize their assets. They want to urge businesses to learn how improved asset and property management practices can contribute to the overall mission and revenue goals of the organization.

This is of significance to Metalcraft as we’ve provided thousands of companies with asset management solutions for more than 70 years and it remains our top customer application today. Whether it is providing Tabbed Metal Barcode Nameplates to Matchbook Learning to help them manage the IT equipment they see coming and going on a regular basis or the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags attached to the whiskey barrels to manage both the asset and the liquid contained in it throughout the process, Metalcraft has both the industry and application knowledge as well as the breadth of products and capabilities to work with many different organization for their asset management needs.

So, what can you do to observe Asset Management Month? Here are a couple of suggestions. Take the opportunity to review your company’s asset management program. Do you have one? Does it need refreshing? Have you outgrown it and are looking to expand using a different technology like RFID? If that is the case, we recommend downloading Metalcraft’s white paper RFID Handbook: The Future of Asset Management and Auto-ID Technology as a source of guidance.

Also, if you haven’t recently (or ever) looked into NPMA as an organization, this month is the perfect opportunity to do so. They are providing free online webinars, YouTube videos, social media awareness campaigns, contests, and prizes throughout March to highlight all the ways asset management professionals can support revenue goals of organizations around the world.

Metalcraft has supported NPMA for many years because of their dedication to the advancement of knowledge as they serve as a center of excellence, education, and evaluation for asset management.

So, regardless of who your team is on the basketball court this March, one thing we can all rally around to help our business is the continued advancement of asset management. Get more information on NPMA and how to join.

To learn more about asset tracking, contact us today at [email protected].


Tyler Johnson - Asset Tracking 

About the Author: Tyler Johnson

Tyler has extensive experience and expertise in the identification industry. Prior to Grey Trunk RFID, he worked at Metalcraft which helped him understand the importance of a high quality identification tag. Now he is leading the team at Grey Trunk RFID to offer the complete solution. 

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