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universal mc

Metalcraft Explores Growing RFID Market

Metalcraft President Kyle Bermel sits down with Label & Narrow Web Magazine to discuss how different market segments can benefit from RFID technology and how Metalcraft is up to the challenge.
RFID IML Labels for Injection Molding


RFID IML Labels (In Mould Labels) are perfect for all types of returnable containers including returnable crates, pallets.
Viper RFID Converting

The Viper - RFID Converting For Quick Lead Times

Customized equipment allows Metalcraft to increases capacity by 40%, allowing orders to be shipped within days thanks to our RFID converting capabilities.
School Inventory Made Easier Utilizing RFID Tracking

School Inventory Made Easier Utilizing RFID Tracking

Schools use RFID technology to not only keep an accurate count of their school inventory but also drastically reduce the amount of time spent on doing inventory.
Universal Micro RFID

Universal Micro RFID - Small Size, Big Read Range

At 1 7/8" x 5/8", the Universal Micro RFID Asset tag still achieves a robust 9 ft. of read range on metal while being small enough to fit in tight spaces.
passive RFID tag

Construction of Passive RFID Tags

Metalcrafts passive RFID tags are constructed to be the highest quality in the industry.
RFID converting Viper

RFID Converting With the Viper

Technology allows an RFID Converter to produce tags faster, providing shorter lead times for customers.
RFID Converter

How to Work with an RFID Converter

The first step is to collect all of the important information including what's being tagged, inlay preference and operating environment before you begin working with an RFID Converter.
Identification Tags

3 Reasons RFID Tags Maintain Business Health

Using RFID tags to track your assets can play a big part in keeping your business healthy by improving inventory accuracy, reducing shrinkage and increasing safety.
RFID in retail saves time

RFID Helps Squeeze More Time Out of the Day

RFID can add extra time and value in everything from shopping to pet care and medical visits.
What are RFID Tags

What Are RFID Tags

Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID Tags) are used to identify objects and track their movements.
used parts and wheels - RFID

7 Ways RFID Could Improve Work In Process For Conveyor Systems

RFID tags are a great way to create a more efficient Work In Process application and for conveyor systems, RFID tags can detect possible issues early on.