Metalcraft and Grey Trunk RFID - the Ultimate One-Stop-Shop for Asset Identification

November 8, 2021

Implementing an RFID tracking system doesn't have to be complicated ... IF you have the right partner by your side.

Metalcraft has partnered with customers around the world providing identification solutions since 1950. Ever evolving, we took our over half century of experience in the asset tracking industry and jumped on the information superhighway back in the early 2000s with radio frequency identification (RFID). Since then, we've not only been educating customers on the right product, but also the right technology for their application.

Logically the next step for Metalcraft was to offer customers the complete asset tracking solution, which is exactly what we did with Grey Trunk RFID.

What is Grey Trunk RFID? It's a cloud-based mobile asset tracking management system that allows customers to not only collect critical data, but also catalog it safely and accurately, ultimately saving money by decreasing downtime, reducing lost equipment, creating traceability of funding sources, and eliminating unnecessary asset purchases. 

With Metalcraft and Grey Trunk customers get the best of both worlds - Metalcraft's experience and expertise in asset tracking technologies and labeling materials combined with Grey Trunk's ability to compartmentalize the solution into an out-of-the-digital-box format that allows customers to be up and running in no time!

Grey Trunk offers:

  • Easy access. The ability to access data quickly is vital to any data management system. The Grey Trunk app is designed for both Apple and Android systems, allows unlimited users and is cloud-based, so users can access the app anywhere, anytime - no need to be chained to a desk or office to access the information.
  • Support team. Trust that you won't be on your own if you have questions. No chatbots here - Grey Trunk has a team of experts ready with the knowledge and expertise of the system and how it works.
  • Affordable. Budgets are tight and spending thousands of dollars isn't always an option, especially when you have just 100 assets. With subscription plans based on the number of assets, Grey Trunk's asset tracking platform will help you save time and money - spend less on replacement equipment and increase efficiency at the same time!
  • One-stop-shop. Who doesn't love the convenience of buying all your "ingredients" in one place? Get your software, hardware and tags all at the same time with Grey Trunk RFID. And did we mention that by doing this you can be assured everything has been designed to seamlessly work together?

When it's time to do an asset inventory, a fast and simple asset tracking solution is the goal. Count on Metalcraft and Grey Trunk RFID - the right partnership for asset identification success.

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