5 Ways To Use RFID In The Age Of COVID-19

RFID in age of COVID-19

In the era of COVID-19, RFID technology has emerged as a crucial tool in various applications. Here, we delve into five key areas where RFID technology can play a pivotal role in combating the pandemic:

  1. Access Control and RFID: RFID badges and key fobs offer a touchless solution for access control, allowing employees to enter buildings or gain access to different areas without the need for physical contact with keypads or tablets. This not only reduces the risk of virus transmission but also provides businesses with a detailed record of visitor activity for contact tracing purposes if needed.

  2. Contactless Payment and RFID: With a growing emphasis on cashless transactions and contactless payment methods, RFID wristbands offer a convenient solution for customers and employees alike. These wristbands enable users to preload funds into their accounts and make payments by simply tapping the wristband to a reader, eliminating the need for handling cash or using card machines.

  3. Vehicle Access Control using RFID: RFID tags, such as Metalcraft’s windshield or rear-view mirror tags, facilitate contactless entry and exit at parking garages, reducing the need for interaction between attendants and drivers and minimizing potential exposure to the virus.

  4. Inventory Control: RFID tags, such as Metalcraft’s pallet tags, provide businesses with an efficient means of accurately tracking inventory levels. By implementing RFID-based inventory control systems, businesses can ensure their shelves are always stocked with essential products, thereby minimizing disruptions in supply chains.

  5. Asset Tracking: In remote work and learning environments, maintaining accurate records of assets that are moved off-site or leave the office is essential. RFID tags, including Metalcraft’s on-metal and off-metal tags, enable organizations to easily track and manage assets, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping methods that are prone to errors and loss.

Overall, RFID technology offers a versatile and effective solution for various challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including access control, payment processing, vehicle access, inventory management, and asset tracking. To explore how RFID can benefit your specific needs, reach out to our ID Specialists at [email protected] or call us at 800-437-5283 or 641-423-9460.

Marianne Alvarado   

About the Author: Marianne Alvarado

Marianne Alvarado is our Vice President of Sales. Alvarado joined Metalcraft in March of 2000 as a Territory Specialist, became Sales Manager in January 2022 and was named Vice President of Sales during August of 2023. She leads both the Outside and Inside Sales teams. Marianne lives in Davenport with her husband, Dave Beeman. 

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