Hospital Asset Management

November 19, 2019
Hospital asset management

Often times, when we hear from our healthcare customers, they are having issues keeping track of equipment and supplies that are necessary for them to give proper care to their patients. Things like intravenous pumps, wheel chairs and supply kits go missing at the drop of a hat, forcing employees to use their valuable time to track down what they need. When things go missing, it can also force the hospital to unnecessarily purchase new items, which causes flawed record-keeping.

At Metalcraft, we have come up with four different products that are perfect for various healthcare environments ranging from mild to harsh. Our Photo Anodized Metal Barcode Nameplates are perfect for those customers that need something that will stand up to harsh environments. The nameplate copy is photographically reproduced and sealed within the anodic layer, ensuring the copy will be readable for the life of the asset. Available in over 500 different sizes and several thicknesses, you're sure to find something to fit your needs.

Much like our Metal Barcode Nameplates, our Photo Anodized Foil Barcode Labels are produced using the same anodizing process which seals the image under a layer of ceramic frit material. The difference between the nameplates and labels is the material thickness. Our Foil Barcode Labels have a thinner profile, which ensures the same resistance to abrasion and chemicals, but allows more flexibility to conform to various types of surfaces.

Our Craftmark Labels are one of our top-of-the-line roll label products. These labels are printed using our thickest polyester and a .0035" thick adhesive, which helps them out-perform any standard polyester label. All logos and colors are subsurface printed using four-color processing, allowing the copy to be protected against extreme solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion. By subsurface printing, the need for a laminate is eliminated, as well as the possibility of delamination.

The last product we've chosen is our Premium StyleMark Label. These labels are, as noted by their name, the most stylish label in our line of roll label products. But their looks aren't the only thing they've got going for them; their performance is just as great! Our StyleMark labels are made from a textured polycarbonate material with a non-reflective finish. These labels, like most of our roll-label products, are subsurface printed which, when combined with polycarbonate material, makes them extremely resistant to abrasion. These labels can also withstand intermittent temperatures up to 300 degrees F.

Although these four products are the ones we feel are best suited for healthcare applications, keep in mind, they aren't the only products we have available. Anything from our Destructible and Tamper Evident labels to our line of RFID products could work for your specific application. If you're a company in the healthcare business and you're noticing issues with asset tracking in your facility, it is important to implement a proper record-keeping system in order to save time and money. No matter what your needs are, Metalcraft is sure to have a solution for you!


Julia Deets, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience

About the Author: Julia Deets

Julia Deets joined Metalcraft in 1999 as the Marketing/New Product Director. Julia has held numerous roles during her career with Metalcraft, all related to marketing and customer support. Her current position is as the VP of Marketing and Customer Experience. She has both an undergrad and a Master's degree in Organizational Communications from Northwest Missouri State University and the University of Northern Iowa, respectively. 


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