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rfid badges

Everything You Wanted To Know About RFID Badges

RFID badges are popular for allowing access to events, but they also can be a great tool for cashless payment systems.
lf vs. hf and UHF

LF, HF, UHF Frequency: What’s the Difference?

LF and HF systems have a relatively short read range while UHF can read at much longer distances. Before choosing your frequency, make sure to understand what your goal is for your tag.
passive RFID tag

Construction of Passive RFID Tags

Metalcrafts passive RFID tags are constructed to be the highest quality in the industry.
RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands For Event Management

The technology of RFID wristbands allows for faster gate entry, reduces revenue loss and provides timely data for future events.
Asset Numbering and how RFID EPC Codes Work

How RFID EPC Codes Work

Electronic Product Code (EPC) is a universal identifier that aims to render a unique identity to every possible physical object of the world. This article goes into more detail about how RFID EPC codes work.
RFID converting Viper

RFID Converting With the Viper

Technology allows an RFID Converter to produce tags faster, providing shorter lead times for customers.
Types of RFID Tags

Understanding the Different Types of RFID Tags

When choosing RFID tags, it's important to understand the different types, their basic functions and that their various uses.
RFID in retail saves time

RFID Helps Squeeze More Time Out of the Day

RFID can add extra time and value in everything from shopping to pet care and medical visits.
RFID Converter

How to Work with an RFID Converter

The first step is to collect all of the important information including what's being tagged, inlay preference and operating environment before you begin working with an RFID Converter.
RFID Tag Numbering

RFID Numbering Options

Serialize/unserialized ... barcode and human readable ... we help you sort out your RFID numbering options to choose the best one for your application.
What are RFID Tags

What Are RFID Tags

Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID Tags) are used to identify objects and track their movements.
RFID technology helps figure out colony collapse in bees

3 Real Threats RFID Technology Is Helping Solve

RFID technology used to identify, track carriers of Mad Cow Disease, collect data on mussel behavior.