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Metalcraft Helps Business Keep Track of Their Mobile Assets

Little did Tyler Beckman realize that when he founded, his own camera rental website, that within six years his family-run business would become the most popular photographic equipment rental company in the United States. In a critical economic time when many businesses have been forced to consolidate, Beckman’s own business has grown exponentially, to the point where now stocks over 8,000 copies of 700-odd photo-related items, with material ranging in value from anywhere between $250 to $25,000. 

Keg Tracking: You’ve Got to Track ‘Em Before You Tap ‘Em

With all the beer commercials that regularly glut your television or computer screen, you might suspect that as the beer-keg rolls, so turns the world. That isn’t necessarily the case, of course. Beer sales from major breweries throughout North America remain highly profitable, although there has been little overall growth in consumption. However, what is a remarkable phenomenon over the past decade has been the continued rise of microbrews across America. As things stand, craft beer sales continue to increase by double digits each year.

4 Overlooked Asset Tracking System Gotchas

There are lots of things that must be thought-out, planned and documented when implementing a asset tracking system.  With over 65 years of experience in ID solutions, Metalcraft has assisted on thousands of successful asset tagging projects.  

With so many implemented projects under our belt, we consistently see 4 things that tend to get overlooked or under-valued when an asset tracking system is implemented. 

Tracking Assets Saves Schools Money

When schools look at overall efficiency, it isn’t always easy to justify purchasing decisions and budget cuts by how much something will cost in acquisition and maintenance.

It isn’t easy because school efficiency is not only measured by financial planning, but also by pupil achievement and public scrutiny.

A school’s efficiency through sophisticated asset management software, especially one that is RFID enabled, often meets with public skepticism when such software and its accompanying system is expensive and replaces traditional practices.

Asset Tags Keep Inventory In Focus

The Challenge offers cameras, lenses and related equipment for rent by mail. Formed in 2006 when the founder couldn't find a lens he wanted locally, it has grown to become the largest photographic equipment renter in the U.S. "We're a family-run business of used-to-be semi-pro photographers," said Tyler Beckman, director of strategic planning and analysis.