Barcode Labels

Custom Barcode Tags & Labels For Every Application

Our barcode asset tags and labels are designed for durability and clarity for all your asset tracking needs. Whether you need standard polyester roll label barcode tags or barcoded metal nameplates we have a product to fit your needs in every size and style. We pride ourselves on our barcode labels being the best in the industry ensuring you have the right label that will scan and read in your application and environment. 

What are barcode labels?

There are two main types of barcodes: linear barcodes and 2D barcodes (such as DataMatrix or QR codes). Linear barcodes hold one piece of information normally a number that is used to identify, tag, track a product or asset.  Linear, or traditional barcodes, can help business or retailers associate price, inventory levels and product returns. 2D barcodes are designed to hold significant more data than standard barcode stickers.  2D barcodes, also called DataMatrix barcodes, can include multiple pieces of data including the price, quantity but also extra identify information like photos or links to websites for additional information.

Can I design and order barcode labels online?

For standard barcode styles and layouts, you can easily design and order your tags directly online in three simples steps from any label product page, for more customized labels, contact us for a consultation or quote to get you exactly what you need. On our polymer barcoded labels, our subsurface printing process protects the barcodes against extreme solvents, caustics, acids, and moderate abrasion while eliminating the need for additional lamination.

On our photo anodized metal tags and nameplates, we feature photographically reproduced barcodes for maximum clarity and detail and then are sealed within the anodic layer of the aluminum – ensuring accurate and reliable reads for years to come. Add the intensification option to any photo anodized product and we guarantee the bar code will be readable for the life of the asset or we will replace it at no charge.  We also supply 1-D (Code 39, Code 128, Code I2 of 5, etc.), and 2-D symbologies such as DataMatrix and QR codes.

We are so confident in our barcode label product that we guarantee that our barcodes will scan and read at a C level grade or better ensuring that our tags will read and operate as promised in your application or environment.